Cuckold is defined as a man who finds arousement in watching his girlfriend/wife having sex with another man.

Knowing that Michael likes this I was going to set up a cuckold experience for his birthday. My friend Carl agreed to help me out. So after planning it out and deciding how it was going to all go down this what I have planned. Carl will be at my house in the spare bedroom when Michael got home from work. I will be in something sexy and take Michael by the hand. Leading him into the bedroom and ordering him to sit in the chair.

At this time I will blindfold him and lay on the bed.

Turning on my vibrator Michael asks if he can play with himself, seeing that he is already getting hard I tell him not yet. That is when Carl comes in completely naked and gets on the bed. Informing Michael that he can take off the blindfold he does just that. The minute his eyes saw what was going on in front of him he gasped with excitement. I told him that he could take out his cock and play with it while he watched Carl lick my pussy.

This is when my cuckold plan changed.

Carl looked over at Michael and told him he would love to have his cock in his mouth. Michael told him to go ahead. Not knowing Carl would ever do that, or Michael either. I was in shock. Carl took Michae’ls hard cock in his mouth and went up and down taking every inch down his throat.

Assuming that I had lost control of the cuckold night I told Michael that I want to see him suck Carl’s cock.

Without hesitation he did it. I was so turned on by watching my man take a big hard cock in his mouth like a pro. His cock was all in Michaels’ mouth, his lips were touching the base of it. Not being able to help myself, I laid on the bed and grabbed my vibrator and played with my pussy while I watched them suck each other. My cuckold night turned out pretty damn good considering this was not the plan.  Now I am off to buy a new Strapon Phone Sex for us.

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