A night of cuckold cleanup and cum!

Cuckold cleanup for my little sissy slut! It wouldn’t be the first time my cuckold gets fucked and ends up in a naughty situation with my favorite fuckbuddies. But it was undoubtedly one of his favorite nights! See, Jason, my naughty little sissy husband, likes to get forced into all kinds of situations. He loves to lick up cum, especially while my friends with benefits are still there to watch him. And, of course, the little cuckold whore loves to sit by and watch the show in action. It makes it twice as much fun for me, honestly. See, I could kick him out of the room and make him daydream of all the things I’m enjoying. Or, I could simply let him watch and see the greed build up in his eyes.

He has a craving for big cocks, especially big and black ones. Of course, most of my fuckbuddies on the side have all been black! We’re in the South, so really, there is no shortage of handsome black men. I’m always finding a new one to bring home, whether it’s a gym trainer or a random guy I met on the street. All in all, I have a never-ending supply of handsome guys around to want to fuck. And, of course, Jason gets his fix. He’s always ready for some cuckold cleanup and loves every opportunity to lick out all the creampies they leave behind!

I always let them cum inside.

No condoms. What kind of little slut would I be if I made my fuckbuddies wear condoms? Absolutely not! Plus, my little bitch loves to play cuckold cleanup, and sometimes he even lays down and begs for me to sit on his face.  That way, all of it comes dripping out for him to swallow. He sucks, licks, and begs for every last drop of it to come out. So the last time that I had several of my fuckbuddies over to play, he was in literal heaven. The night started like any other weekend, but he knew I was getting ready for a party. And of course, he was invited to play tag-along and watch… but not to interrupt!

The night started with me dressed to kill in a little black dress. It fit me just right, hugging all the right curves. As per usual, I wore a tiny little black thong underneath that barely got in the way of anything at all. Just like that, we headed off to the party. And by the end of the night, my husband was both livid, weak, and so horny he couldn’t think. He watched me dance with every single handsome black guy in the club that night. They spoiled me, bought me drinks, and felt me up. And by the end of the night, I brought them home so he could play cuckold cleanup.

He even got to watch.

For most of the night, he watched. He sat in his little corner of the room, hungrily feasting his eyes on me. All through it, he watched me greedily beg for and take all their big black dicks. We hopped from position to position indiscriminately, giving him the show his little sissy eyes desired. And soon, it was time for his cuckold cleanup skills to shine. I had him lay on the bed underneath me, and then I climbed on top like a sixty-nine. But before he could lap up all the cum that started dripping from my pussy lips, another big black cock took his place. He slipped right in, fucking me just inches from his face. And just like that, even more cum dripped out for him to lick up.

My sissy husband was in heaven, to put it lightly. He licked and licked, trying to be the best cuckold cleanup he could be. He hungrily grabbed and my thighs, but the black guy slapped his hands away. My husband couldn’t touch me, not at all. He was only allowed to lick any cum and drippings that landed on his face or the sheets. It was an entirely hands-off job. At least, until they could finish with me. Then, and only then, was he allowed to use his hands to lick up what was left. It was a night full of cum, fun, and the black phone sex of his dreams.


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