He’s always had a cuckold fantasy of watching me with another guy

My guy’s cock is not small, but he’s always had a cuckold fantasy of watching me with another guy. He had an office Christmas party this weekend and I liked the looks of one of the new guys there. I told him so. He got this silly grin on his face and asked me if I’d agree to fuck him. I said if you can get him interested in this cuckold bit, I would. He didn’t waste his time. A couple of days later he said he’d talked to the new guy. Apparently he’d liked me when we met at the party as well. So it seemed this was going to happen.

My guy just wanted to watch, he didn’t want to participate

We had him over for dinner and then had a few drinks to loosen everyone up. I found this guy really sexy, so it wasn’t hard to get into it. We soon adjourned to our king sized bed in the bedroom and were all naked and horny. My guy just wanted to watch, he didn’t want to participate. He sat on the bed next to us slowly stroking his cock. I was quite impressed with his coworkers physique. He had a beautiful body and obviously worked at it. He had a gorgeous cock. Huge, must have been nine inches, I took it in my hand to admire it. It was as hard as steel. I lowered my lips down onto it, barely able to wrap my lips around that monster.

I opened my mouth wide, glancing at my guy out of the corner of my eye. He was rubbing away, watching me intensely as I began to suck on the cock of another man. I went back focusing my attention on this glorious dick in hand. Tracing my tongue up one side and down the other. Stopping momentarily to suck on his large, cum filled balls. Taking them one at a time in my hot, wet mouth. I suckled on them hungrily as I stroked his dripping cock, then popped it back in my mouth.

I Just Had To Feel That Girthy Beast Inside Of Me

After a few moments of a sloppy wet blow job, I just had to feel that girthy beast inside of me. I could tell I was slippery wet from being so turned on. When I moved at all, I could feel my pussy lips sliding against one another with moisture. I straddled him, once again looking over at my guy and smiling as I sank down onto that big dick. It spread me open nicely. Stretching me open wider than I’d been in a long time. I could see my guy holding back. He was so aroused watching me he was having trouble controlling his orgasm. He took his hand off of his dick for a few moments to calm down.

I Could See My Guy Pumping His Dick

I could feel my wetness squish around his cock.  So I began to slowly rock back and forth on top of him. My nipples were hard and I leaned forward so he could take one in his mouth. He sucked on one of them and fondled the other with his hand. I could see my guy’s arm motions pumping up and down out of the corner of my eye. He masturbated himself with great passion at this scene before him. Watching us, just over a foot away from him.


I knew he was in cuckold heaven watching this little scenario play out before him.  Then I began to rotate my hips in little circles, grinding my clit against the base of his cock. I was getting close to cumming. He grabbed me by the hips and bucked up towards me. That’s it, I couldn’t stand it anymore, the pleasure overwhelmed me and I came in a gush. His cock was throbbing inside of me. Squirting his plentiful cum. I loved it. My guy shot his load and it shot onto his chest. We all caught our breath and the coworker soon left. He was one hot fuck. it wasn’t like I was part of a cheating sex story cause he was into it. I should have pursued this cuckold fantasy sooner, it was very sexy. I can’t wait to do it again soon.