Cuckold Boyfriend Hid in the Closet While I Got Fucked

My boyfriend became a cuckold not long into our relationship. What can I say; he loved watching me get fucked! He was usually really into it after reading some hot sex stories! Any time I wanted another dick he would tell me to go out and see what I could find. I had a few guys on the side that I could call for a good fuck and he learned to deal with it. One of the guys didn’t know about the cuckold relationship that my boyfriend and I had. He wasn’t the type that would be comfortable having someone watching us. But apparently he was okay with me cheating! HAHA.

When I called the guy to come over and take care of me my boyfriend was confused. He knew that this particular guy didn’t like the cuckold sex that we enjoyed. Explaining my plan to him didn’t take long. He was to hide in the closet and watch me get fucked from the slats in the door. Putting a chair in the closet for him to sit on, he got comfortable just before the doorbell rang.

I let my friend into my bedroom and he wasted no time undressing me. He had me on the bed in no time with his face buried between my thighs. As his mouth devoured my pussy I could hear slight movement coming from the closet. It’s a good thing this guy had his face buried between my legs or he might have heard it as well. I looked toward the closet where my cuckold boyfriend was hiding and he must have gotten the hint. The noise stopped.

I turned my boyfriend into a cuckold.

The guy took my legs and placed them over his shoulders as he asked how much I wanted his big dick. I was practically begging him for his cock when he finally slid it into my dripping pussy! Making sure I was in a position that my little cuckold could see what was going on I took the pounding that he gave me! The whole time moaning, screaming out and telling him how much better he was at fucking me than my boyfriend!

After I had squirt my cum all over his cock a few times he finally unloaded inside of me. Feeling that massive dick exploding all that jizz in my pussy was amazing!!! He knew not to linger too long after because he wasn’t sure when my boyfriend would “be home”. Once he was gone my boyfriend came out of the closet. I made him clean my pussy up as he told me how hot it as watching me get fucked!

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