My boyfriend loves watching me with another man.

We were at the bar watching all of the people around us. My boyfriend got up to go to the bathroom knowing that once I was alone someone would approach. Sure enough, not even two minutes after he got up a hot guy comes over and sits down right next to me at the bar. He asks about the guy I am there with and I tell him that he is my boyfriend.

The guy says that doesn’t have to stop us and asks if I want to have some fun. I look toward the bathroom and still don’t see him but I say sure. We get up and head toward the door and just as we walk out I see my boyfriend moving toward us. I go over to the side of the building with the stranger and he immediately starts kissing me. His hand snakes up my skirt and I see my boyfriend peeking at us through the window of a car in the parking lot.

The stranger lifts my leg up and slides his cock into my dripping cunt. I know that my boyfriend is watching as his girl gets pounded against the wall of the bar while he’s stroking his cock behind the car. The stranger keeps pounding into me fucking harder and harder. He’s trying to hurry so that my boyfriend doesn’t worry and come looking for me.

I start squirting all over his cock just as I feel him pulsing inside of me, filling my slutty pussy with his cum.

My boyfriend continues watching as his girlfriend fucks a stranger from the bar right in front of him. I hear him grunt a little, knowing that watching us has made him shoot his load right there. I take the guy by the hand after we adjust our clothing and walk back into the bar. He walks me to where I was sitting then walks off to go back to his friends.

My boyfriend must have come in through another door because he works his way back over to me from the direction of the bathrooms. When he sits down I ask if he liked watching his girlfriend get fucked and if he’s ready to clean up the mess that his little slut has dripping out of her used cunt. He gives me a sly grin and we leave the bar to have some more fun of our own! I can’t wait to be his little slut again!! Give me a call and I’ll tell you some more of my naughty stories!


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