A punishment fit for the crime! Cuckold anal revenge.

A cuckold anal pounding is exactly what my boyfriend needed. He had been such a little brat lately! I love toying with him because he’s basically a sugar daddy and spoils me so much, but his kinks were starting to get really mischievous! The little slut had gone out of his way to find a big black man to come play with us, by surprise. I was in the middle of riding him when the knock at the door came, and our fun was interrupted and taken over. I wasn’t about to complain.. He was sexy and tall, with a generously thick dick. Of course I couldn’t say no to that – he had it all, including some amazing light eyes.

I would let him fuck me all night.

But that’s not the point. The point was that my boyfriend had entirely stepped out of line, and he’d come to pay for it. A few weeks later, I had the same big black cock come to play with us.. but this time, he wasn’t there for me. I’d never reject him, of course, but this time he barged in to my boyfriend’s surprise, not mine. And he walked in at the most opportune time – right when I’d tied him up, and all the little slut could do was stare up at us and wonder what we were about to do. “Well, little slut.. you like having him come fuck me by surprise.. So now you get your own medicine.” Can you imagine his face when he saw my new friend start lubing up his cock?

All the color practically drained from his face when he stepped between his legs and spread them, giving him just a tease. He let the head of that bulbous black cock brush up against his ass.. And the pounding that followed was entirely deserved. He got every inch that he wanted that night, even if he totally hated me the next morning.

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