Are you dreaming the kinky dreams of a cuckold?  Don’t look surprised, I know what you need and desire.  We both know that there is nothing sexier, nothing more erotic than watching the woman that you love get pleased by a bigger and better cock.   You do it because she needs it, deserves it and it drives you fucking crazy.  Come on, admit it, you love being her cuckold, to the point of stroking.  I would love to be that sexy love for you, giving you the cuckold fantasies that you crave.

You coming home from work early seeing an unfamiliar car with 30 day tags parked in your spot in the drive way, forcing you to park on the street of your own home.  Walking up the drive way, curiously wondering whose new car this could be parked in your spot, you head for the front door.  You open the door and call my name, “Mal”.  No answer.  “Princess”, Still no answer.

You go to each room on the lower level before heading upstairs.

You reach half way up the stairs before you hear what sounds like  sexy music.  You continue up the stairs, when you reach the top of the steps you recognize moaning.  Your heart is racing and for some strange reason you are extremely turned on.  You tiptoe down the hall to the bedroom you share with the woman you love. The moaning is getting louder and more intense.  You stand outside the door for a second, your sweaty hand on the knob, not sure what you’re going to find.  You slowly open the door and there I am the woman you love and your best friend.

You the stand the in the frame of the open door, mouth open practically salivating as your best friend plows his huge cock into the woman you love.   You should be mad, furious, and ready to rip the both of them apart; but instead your cock is stiffening.   What is wrong with you?  How can watching the woman that you love being stuff and squirted full of you best friend’s jizz be so fucking arousing?

I open my eyes after the most intense orgasm I have ever had, to see you standing there with a hard cock.   After completing his orgasm he turns his head to see you.   He jumps up grabs his clothes and head out of the house, long cables of cum still hang from his long thick cock.   Damn that looked so sexy, you think to yourself.  I grab you hand and pull you to the bed.  You start that bull shit talk, “Mal how could you do this?” “He’s my best friend.”

Blah Blah Blah.

Finally tired of hearing your crap I ask you “want to try this cream pie?” You look at me puzzled, like you don’t know what the fuck a cream pie is.  You just saw you best friend giving me sooo much dick I am practically tasting it in my mouth.  You just saw him flood my pussy with so much cum; you can see it run down my ass cheek.   Don’t tell me you don’t know what a freaking cream pie is.

 I grab you by your arm and pull you to the bed.   I crawl on top of your face and allow you to feast on the sexy dessert that your best friend left for us to enjoy.  I work my, cum flooded pussy on your cuckold mouth, while telling you all about the hot fuck I just got.    You gobble and slurp all that yummy thick goodness from my cunt while I cum over and over again.

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