Cuckold and incest are XXX kinky taboo topics. It is no secret, my daddy has a thing for my sexy honey pot. On a number of occasions, I’ve caught him sniffing my panties and rubbing them all over his cock. What can I say, I am partially to blame for daddy wanting my sweet juices all over his tongue. <wicked lil laugh> When I was younger I couldn’t help teasing him with my hot tight body.  Always dressing in my short shorts and tight tops, he couldn’t keep his eyes or his hands off of me. I couldn’t help taunting and teasing him – leaving him begging for more. You know all about those naughty daddy daughter games. Hours of sitting on his lap, bouncing up and down showing him how much I loved him.

This one time, daddy started to get a little too loose with his fingers and he slipped his finger into my tight little hole. I had to put him in his place. Daddy knew I was his little girl, but his little girl grew up and loves much bigger things. I was going to make Daddy my cuckold. Only a big cock could satisfy my needs. For a moment in time, daddy slipped back in time and thought he could get a slice of my delicious cherry pie. Silly daddy, he should have known better.

Daddy just loves being a part of my naughty sex life. I don’t like giving daddy blue balls, I always knew his little crush would get him in trouble one day. He was going to be my horny cuckold. Just how much, would be a big surprise. He would do anything to keep me happy. This wasn’t the first time I tempted him with cock.  I couldn’t resist teasing him and pushing his limits. One evening, I invited a friend over for some kinky playtime. Daddy deserved the surprise I had in store for him, “Daddy, you want to make me happy right?” I called to him from the bedroom. I laughed, as I heard him eagerly undoing his belt on his jeans.

When he got to the doorway he looked disappointed. On my bed sat a hot beefy stud with perfect washboard abs. “Daddy, I am all grown up now and need a real man to satisfy my pussy. That does not mean that you can not have some fun with us.” He smirked with excitement. “No daddy, I have something different in mind for you. I want you to be my cuckold bitch.” He would be playing alright, but not in the way he thought.

Josh’s hard cock stood at attention and looked so inviting. I couldn’t help straddling him. Standing above him, teasing him and daddy with my bald wet snatch and perfect ass. Slowly, I lowered myself down onto his throbbing cock. Inch by inch – taking all ten inches deep inside, as daddy whimpered at the view. I invited him to join in the fun. He didn’t know where to begin. I ordered him to lick Josh’s balls, as the juices dripped down and drenched his face. Daddy’s hunger grew with every inch of cock and pussy that he licked. His eagerness continued to make my pussy wet and twitch with excitement. I slipped my pussy off of Josh’s cock, as he grabbed and forced his cock into my dad’s mouth. Dad gagged trying to pull back but then started to enjoy it.

The years of incest activity turned into a cuckold threesome extravaganza. New and old colliding into the wildest evening of naughty play. We continued training daddy to be our cuckold fuck face. Josh pulled his cock from daddy’s mouth and shoved his now lubed rod into my twat. Thrusting it deeper and fucking me hard than ever. Josh forced dad’s head between his ass cheeks. “Rim my ass you bitch,” Josh ordered, as he continued to plow deeper into my gaping hole. Daddy couldn’t believe how deep Josh’s cock penetrated my pussy.

He was getting a full picture of what a real man does to please a woman. Plunging his cock deep, one final thrust, he filled my young girl pussy with a massive load of cum. My pussy overflowed endlessly. I decided Daddy earned a taste of my cum filled pussy. He slipped up from behind and rammed his tongue deep into me. Tasting my juices and shoveling Josh’s cum out of my twat with his tongue. After he finished, I wiped my cunt, with a pair of my panties. and shoved them into his mouth.

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