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I want you to sit back and imagine the experience of tasting a load of cum from another man. I love cuckolding men of all ages. (Wicked Lil Laugh) It comes naturally to me. It’s one of my fetish specialties. Are you a cuckie starving to explore your kink? Well, let the adventure begin, as I tell you what happened one wild. evening. My “Fuck Buddy” Tom finally gave in to his hunger of being cuckolded.

For the past 2 years, he was the other man. Fucking my tight pussy and ass like a stallion. Well, the tables have turned. I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. Imagine being exploited by another man with a larger cock. Jake was the man to seal the deal with his 11-inch cock. It was time for my intense monthly fucking by his big black cock.

Jake’s man cock is big, juicy as well as thick. He was every bit how I described him to Tom. Like a lost puppy out of his league, he watched as my whole body was being taken by another man. The smell of my pussy juices starts to fill the room. Tom’s anticipation was building. It was time to make him a fluffer and make him earn his keep. Cuckie Tom took his position underneath catching every last drop juice dripping from my snatch.

Finally, Jake pulled his throbbing black cock out of my pussy and into his hungry mouth. Tom wasn’t sure how to deep throat a massive cock like Jake’s. He needs to take the cuckolded roll. The taste and feel of his cock sliding in and out of his mouth drove him crazy. I love Oral Sex, especially when it’s being forced in and out of my mouth. He worked his cock in and out, as the spitting and drooling covered Jake’s shaft. He was going to be cuckolded one way or another.

I was ready for more fucking and needed more of Jake’s throbbing big nigger cock deep in my white snatch. It didn’t take much. Easy as 1 -2 3, as Tom watched the contrast of Jake’s big black cock slam fucking my snatch. I moaned with excitement, as the surge of his sexual energy flowed through my body. Taking me, as he lifted my legs over his shoulder and started to thrust his perfect man cock into my cunt. “Fuck me harder you fuck bull!” I screamed between thrusts of pleasure. I couldn’t get enough of him. Through all the excitement, I could hear Tom moan in ecstasy.

Within seconds Jake deposited his demon love seed in my twat. I know he has wanted to impregnate me. Could he finally seal the deal? Did he leave his mark in and on my body for another man to savor? Tom couldn’t help himself, as he dived in like a hungry dog. Tom attempted to lick out my creampie filled twat. He couldn’t get enough, as the cum dripped from my pussy to the crack of my ass. “Now Tom, taste what a real man makes.” I laughed, as he licked the semen from my cum drenched crotch. I couldn’t help pushing his head deeper. “You better lap up every drop. Details…Dirty Details….Details. There is so much more to tell. Cuckold? Impregnation? Hot Young Stud to knock me up.

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