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The days of pleasure passed so fast, as I entertained myself in class with the thought of Alex’s young cock.  The pleasuring thoughts stimulated my whole body. Extremely aroused by the thoughts of teasing him – sucking him – licking him.   I felt like a horny MILF ready to get naughty with young boys.  I craved what every sizzling older woman craved – the desire to teach them a few new things.

The day started off slow – I tried to shake the naughty thoughts. Abruptly I returned to reality as Alex approached my desk to turn in his quiz.  His smile almost made me cream in my panties.  The thoughts danced around my head of all the nasty things I wanted to do to this young stallion.

As I did my final walk around, I passed by his desk and slipped him a note.  Meet me in my office to receive extra special help. Time seemed to pass so slow. I couldn’t wait for the bell to ring. I could feel my heart beating faster as time decreased on the clock. Finally, when the bell sounded, I dismissed everyone and went to my office.  There I waited with baited breath for him to arrive.

Soon the image of the young stallion was standing in the doorway.  With a stern voice, I told him”Enter and to close the door behind you.”  He approached my desk like a shy schoolboy.  I could feel my panties getting wetter, as my clit throbbed with anticipation.  His young voice said, “Hello Miss Raven you wanted to see me?” I thought, Oooh I want more than just to see you. (Wicked LiL Laugh)

He entered the room and took a seat across from me. I asked him “If he intended on doing some extra credit work to help his grades?  You do understand, you are failing in my class?” What young hungry boy would refuse a free sex lesson? He asked, “What I had in mind?  Was there anything he could do to get his grade up in my class?”  I let out a silent sigh as I stood up, walked around the desk.  I was ready to Mold Him into the perfect little man.  Slowly I began to unbutton my shirt, I leaned in and whispered: “I have a few things in mind.”

Soon my hands were softly caressing the crotch of his pants.  It didn’t take long to break his shyness.  I could feel his hand slide up under my skirt, as he gently, stroked my inner thighs.  Without hesitation, I began to kiss him very sensuously. His hands gliding eagerly to my ass.  Taking my hand over his, to slow him down a little.  I could hear myself say ” Good things cum to those who wait.”  Who was I kidding?  I wanted it all and I want him now.

Alex began to kiss my belly, working his way up to my perky nipples. Removing my bra he eagerly teased from left to right. He placed his mouth over my nipple just fondling and caressing them in his hands and tongue. Feeling his young mouth on my nipples made my pussy drip with anticipation. Let’s just say it was the best year ever for underage taboo education. Oral sex – Anal sex – Any lesson about sex is a good lesson and one a young schoolboy will never forget.

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