Cucked husband problems could lead to a homicide.  I didn’t have a clue that my husband was such a cuck.  As a matter of fact, I wasn’t aware of what a cuck was until we went to therapy about it.  I’m so ignorant, I didn’t realize my uncle is an incel, either.  Oddly, I assumed he was just some chauvinistic misogynistic weirdo that was fascinated with making everyone around him miserable.  

How Oblivious Am I? 

Back in college, there was a party on campus for Homecoming and I met Jared there.  He witnessed me in action and even glorified my ability to rinse a few guys from the Alumni Chapter.  His enthusiasm was intriguing instead of repulsive.  By no means, have I ever felt as if he was being obtrusive or otherwise a stalker.  The way Jared looks at me is so dreamy and only happens in the movies.  

Jared says: “I got the girl!  The girl of my dreams!  You are the prototype.  There is no one else like you, my darling.”  

I would hear similar statements over the course of our marriage, but never did they seem so alarming as when I started to step out on him.  Who knew that my insecurities would lead to a cucked husband homicide? Are my cucked husband problems, really detrimental to my health? 

Us gals are taught to experience men like all the Baskin Robbins flavors. 

Never truly committing to one.  Sort of like playing in the soda machines, where you mix every flavor together.  Have no favorites, don’t over commit to a certain taste because your taste buds are destined to change in time.  Being fully aware that one day that wow factor will strike you like a lightning bolt, infatuating you and consuming all of your attention.  Jared piqued my interest.  

Chocolate, Vanilla, Mouse Tracks, Rocky Road, Mint-Chocolate chip, Chunky Monkey, Heavenly Hash, Cherry Garcia, Black Cherry, Butter Pecan…Why should I ever have to commit to one? Marriage should have its own terms and conditions set by the couple.  Monogamy sucks, and I thought he would kill me if I ever slipped up.  Jared’s temper is not something I’ve ever seen.  He doesn’t anger easily.  He is so disciplined and commands respect.  People simply fall in line to his beat with ease.  He never has to manipulate a situation, for his finesse is so subtle.  His words are full of compassion, understanding, and are so intrinsically divine. 

Is It A Pickle or a Banana? 


This banana is so good.  I crave how it tastes with this strawberry syrup and whipped cream (well cum cream).  The cravings are so intense, I cannot go a day without sucking and riding a banana. That side meat tends to be more like a pickle at times.  I feel so guilty for just falling in another man’s lap so easily.  Impulsively, riding a random guy at the coffee shop has my pussy so swollen.  Leading me to lie about masturbating, is never good.  Little did I know that Jared followed me into the bathroom. 

Standing over Jared’s limp body has me unconsolable.  How could my random encounter have ended in homicide?  I never fathomed cucked husband problems being a real issue.  Mister Random Straight Shooter knew I had a husband.  Why would he do this? 

Check back when I return on Sunday to hear the gory details of my cucked husband problems leading up to homicide. Cat Daddy Jesus is going to have to find me a good lawyer.  I’m just a cheating wife that can’t get it together.  I’ll tell you all about it in our telephonic relief session. 

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke