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Cuck Loser.  That’s what I am.  My wife’s new black boyfriends barged into my home and told me what they were going to do to my her beautiful white pussy and I sat there and said nothing.  Read part one of my story here.  

Luther pulled Sally’s robe off and bent her over the table right in front of me. He spread my wife’s legs apart so I had a perfect view of her ass and hot pussy. Luther slid his fingers in and out of her before sliding his thick Black Cock inside.

As I sat there, a cuck loser,  tied up naked in the chair watching as Luther fucked my wife hard, Sally’s heavy breathing turned to moaning as she rocked back against Luther. She screamed and bucked. She then stood up and looked at me. My little dick was stiff and Jake was playfully slapping it back and forth with his hands.

Jake then grabbed me by the hair and yanked my head back. “See? That’s how you take care of white pussy.”  How would a cuck loser like myself know how to do that?

Then it was Jake’s turn. He licked my wife’s neck and kissed her hard on the lips. He laid her down on the floor on her robe, opened her legs and slid his thick Black Cock deep into her. She glanced up at me and saw my little dick twitch a couple times before some sperm oozed out.

“Look at this bitch husband of yours!” Luther shouted. “He just likes to cum.” Jake laughed. “You need to tame that bitch! Teach that cuck loser how to control that sorry excuse for a dick. Let me and Luther take this bitch for a week. We know a few black women that’ll teach him some respect!”

The thought of being at the mercy of a bunch of black women actually excited me. Jake untied me from the chair but left my arms and hands tied behind my back. “It’s time for you to clean your wife’s pussy!”

Jake pointed for Sally to lay down on the kitchen table. “Spread your legs and let your bitch lick you clean!” Jake removed the gag from my mouth and shoved my face down into my wife’s pussy. Luther then gave me a hard slap across my ass. Sally just leaned back and enjoyed my tongue sliding up and down her pussy.

Jake and Luther took me away with them that night and it was not until the following Friday I saw my wife again. I was almost unrecognizable. My whole body had been completely shaved except for the hair on my head. My ears had been pierced also. Each ear lobe had a stainless steel male symbol in each ear. I had a large black collar around my neck with silver studs and a big silver ring. I was elevated to a new level of cuck loser.

Jake held a black leather leash in his hand. He clipped one end on the ring on my collar and handed Sally the other end. “Here. You can lead him around like a dog all day. Make him do whatever you like. My wife quickly said. “Get on your knees!” I dropped to my knees and spread my legs open.

“I’m impressed,” Sally said to Jake. “Watch this,” Jake said. “Open your cuck loser mouth, Bitch!” I quickly obeyed. Jake took his big hard cock out and shoved it in my mouth. “Suck on it, Bitch!” And, I knelt there, sucking on a big black cock right in front of my wife.

“What did you do to him?” Sally asked.

“We just showed him what kind of bitch he was. Made his white ass red about eight or nine times a day. Taught him some respect.” Jake said.  After a few minutes, Jake’s cock was thick and hard. He pulled it out of my cuck loser mouth.

Jake then yanked me to my feet using the collar. “Get your ass in the bedroom! I want you to watch a real cock service your wife’s pussy!” He shoved me into the bedroom where he tied a cord around my little dick and balls then ordered me to kneel by the bed.

Jake fucked my wife very hard and the rolled off her. Sally saw Luther standing over me, his large black cock pumping in and out of my mouth. She watched until Luther actually came in my mouth. The sperm mixed with saliva was dripping down my chest and stomach. Jake untied my hands and shoved me into the bathroom to clean up before I made dinner.

After dinner, they took me to the kitchen and tied me across the table. My legs were stretched apart and my ass was open. Jake smeared some lube on his hard cock and worked it into my ass. I yelped then groaned as Jake began to hump me.

A year has gone by and I am now 59, while my wife just turned 40. I have become the perfect cuckold husband. Jake and Luther still come by and make me lick their huge cocks and suck their balls right before they fuck Sally in front of me.

Once every month, I am taken somewhere to service a group of black women. I always look pretty worn out when I return. They sexually abuse me in every way possible.  I’m not complaining.  This cuck loser loves it!

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