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As I was sucking my anal daddy’s cock I noticed my cuck boyfriend starting to rub his cock, but he wasn’t just looking at me. I think he noticed my daddy’s cock. He began licking his lips as my mouth made that huge cock soaking wet.
My daddy took his cock out of my mouth and had me stand up. My top got torn off, my tits were out. I had on a plaid skirt, but pretty pink panties underneath.

When daddy took off my panties, he threw them at my cuck boyfriend.

“Taste her cum, the cum that I made drip from her pussy,” said daddy. Immediately my cuck boyfriend took those wet panties, licked them, and then wrapped them around his own cock. Daddy bent me over and teased me by spanking his cock on my ass, he started to push it in.  It hurt so good.

I screamed for Daddy’s cock as my cuck boyfriend watched and jerked off.

Daddy first pounded his cock into my asshole, but then I took over. I started to bounce on his cock like a dirty whore. My asshole got so stretched out, it hurt so good! It was even more enticing when I looked at my cuck boyfriend when I was getting fucked the right way.

That was when I began to get dominant too. “You like watching me take a big cock, maybe you should taste it.” My cuck boyfriend immediately got on the floor and opened his mouth. “Get over here little boy!” He crawled to Daddy and me. “Clean off Daddy’s cock,” I ordered.

He swallowed up Daddy’s cock.

“Such a good boy,” I encouraged my cuck boyfriend to take Daddy’s cock nice and deep. “Yeah, make Daddy cum,” I said as he slobbered all over Daddy’s cock. I looked up at Daddy and said “Does Daddy like it when my pathetic boyfriend sucks your cock after it’s been in my asshole?”

Daddy clearly did, because he pulled out his cock and shoved it back into my asshole. Daddy gave me his cock hard and fast, I made my cuck boyfriend lick his balls as he did it. I started cumming from getting my asshole stretched out, my cuck had to lick my pussy too.

When Daddy finally came inside me I let the cum drip out, scooped up a little of it with my fingers, and smeared it on my cuck’s lips. “Eat it, little boy,” I demanded as I pulled down my cuck’s head and forced him to swallow all the cum in my asshole. My cuck greedily ate out all of the hot white cum. Then my cuck boyfriend said after licking my asshole clean, “Thank you, Daddy.”

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