My Anal Daddy Cucks my boyfriend since he can’t please me!


As I was masturbating while reading a hot sex story from my sci-fi sex novel collection, “I built a Sex Robot,” I noticed my Daddy was peeking at me. I immediately covered up, but Daddy told me not to be embarrassed. He asked how things were with me and my boyfriend. Little did I know that this innocent question would lead to him becoming my anal daddy.

“Daddy, my boyfriend has no idea what he’s doing. Plus, he is so vanilla he’ll only do it with the lights off.”

Daddy said that he would be happy to teach my boyfriend how to make me cum. That’s when Daddy took his fingers and slid them into my tight asshole. He used his thumb to rub my wet pussy. That’s when he became my anal daddy…

Daddy pounded his fingers into my asshole.

I had never felt anything like this before.

“Oh Daddy, I like it!” I cried out. My anal Daddy kept getting deeper in my asshole and playing with my clit. I was about to cum on his hand.

Then my anal Daddy said “Cum for Daddy!” My pussy oozed with all my juices and I saw stars. Daddy put his fingers in my mouth and made me suck them clean. “Good girl,” he told me. Now imagine what Daddy can do with his cock….

My Anal Daddy insisted I invite my boyfriend over to meet him.

As soon as my boyfriend walked into the house, it was apparent that Daddy had much bigger dick energy than him. Daddy asked the usual questions: how we met and what my boyfriend likes about me… then things got hotter. My anal daddy asked, “How tight is my baby girl’s asshole?” Then he said, “Has she come for you yet?” My boyfriend was taken aback. I just sat there and smiled. Daddy was going to take care of me.

My Anal Daddy forced my boyfriend onto the couch and ripped off my top.

He began to play with my tits as my boyfriend watched. “Do you ever play with her tits like this?” Daddy even slapped my tits, I started moaning. “She doesn’t do that for you does she?” Then anal Daddy pulled out his cock, “Daddy can please baby-girl.” Without being told I got on my knees and opened my mouth, Daddy smacked his cock on my tongue. I looked over to see my boyfriend watching me… “Take that cock, baby girl. Get it nice and wet for that tight asshole.”

Daddy put his cock in my mouth nice and slowly, he wanted to make sure my boyfriend saw every moment, every inch that his cock went inside me.  I began to bob my head up and down over and over again, I heard Daddy moan and say “Good girl” Then he looked over at my boyfriend and say “She doesn’t suck your cock like this does she?”

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