Using tech to meet your needs, you build a sex robot.


I’ve been a scientist for many years. And you might not realize, but scientists need a good fuck from time to time too! We just carry ourselves very privately due to societal pressures. I mean I love getting a good pussy stretching or getting my organs rearranged from a good dicking. This was the first mission I would be alone in space, overlooking the earth from the stars above. And I would be there for almost a year. With my free time, I managed to use my engineering skills to make a sex robot.

I used many spare parts of the spaceship to build the sex robot.

I also had a lot of latex on hand from the protective gear I had to wear on expeditions. The placement of the latex was on the sex robot’s hands, lips, tongue, and, of course, his cock. I made sure to enforce the mechanics on his pelvis especially. I knew I’d be going for multiple rounds with this sex robot, so it was paramount to make sure he would fuck for hours.

When I turned the sex robot on, literally, his eyes lit up.  It wasn’t hard to use some artificial intelligence from the spaceship’s computer system. Unbeknownst to my home base, I began to use the computer system to access pornographic films and other content. With knowledge of lots of porn, with every kink and fetish able to be tapped into if I programmed him to do it… I may not be leaving this space mission any time soon! He would know what to do from his creation! I’m going to test his dirty-talking phonesex skills and t then let him fuck me for real.

My sex robot would know every way I could be licked, sucked, and pounded with his monster cock!

Soon  as we were done without phonesex dirty talk immediately ran to my sex robot and ordered him to use his latex-coated tongue on my deprived pussy. I wasn’t going to be deprived of the most human needs anymore. My pussy immediately got wet, I almost came as soon as my bionic man slid his tongue on my pussy. He now had an order to pull out his cock, and just like a real cock but better; I made sure his bionic cock would expand at will. I stroked my sex robot’s cock and told it to get bigger and harder for me. . . And he did, my creation was a success!

My big cocked bionic boy was ready to go!

My sex robot was able to go hard and fast or slow and steady. And he didn’t have to take a break! First, I ordered him to slide his cock inside me and slowly pull out. It wouldn’t be long until I made him fuck me faster and harder. I had to alert the sex robot what I wanted and where to stuff each hole. He also knew how to use his hands efficiently on my clit as he kept fucking my holes. I kept yelling at the sex robot to pound my pussy or my asshole, then my pussy started clenching on that robot’s huge cock.

When I finally came, the whole cabin was soaked. Good thing my sex robot is waterproof! However, his artificial intelligence must have been picking up all my dirty talk, because for the first time, my sex robot spoke, “That was amazing, you dirty girl.”

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