Did you say you’re up for anything? Even a cruel spanking game?  

Did you say you’ll do whatever I tell you to do?  Well, guys like you should be careful what they wish for!  You are about to be the next contestant in my cruel spanking game!  One thing you should know is that you will find this game to be humiliating, difficult and painful.  But you will also find that you end up craving it.

What we will need:

What You need:

Something paddle-like and “thuddy.”  A ping pong paddle, a wooden spoon or a wide hairbrush.  If you really want to impress me you can get a real paddle that’s made for spanking.my cruel spanking game  

Something thin and “stingey.” A wooden dowel, the other end of the wooden spoon or a riding crop you may have laying around. The plastic adjustment rod from your blinds works really well for this.  Don’t worry – if you remove it, it slides right back on. If you really want to impress me though, get a top of the line lexan cane. They will leave nice marks!

Optional – a flogger.  You can even make one yourself.  DIY sex toys are awesome!

What I need:

A random number generator app.  The only other thing I need is my charming and sadistic personality!

Let’s talk numbers…

First, we will need to determine what part of your body I will be torturing for our cruel spanking game.  I will have the random number generator choose a number from one to two. If a one is chosen, you will be spanking your balls. Two means you will be spanking your ass cheeks.

Second, we will need to determine what spanking instrument you will be torturing the lucky body part with. I will have the random number generator choose a number from one to two (three if you have a flogger in your array of equipment). If a one is chosen, you will be using the paddle. Two means you will be using the cane and a three gets you smacked with the flogger.

Finally, we need to know how many strokes you will be providing to yourself.  I usually give the random number generator a lower limit of 10 and an upper limit of 20.  The upper limit may be higher depending on your attitude. But the lower limit for the cruel spanking game is never less than ten. The value returned is the number of spanks you will be administering to yourself.my cruel spanking game

So how does it work?

If you are spanking your balls, you will hold up your dick with one hand and give your balls the required number of hard smacks with the chosen implement.  

If you are spanking your ass cheeks, you will administer the full number of strokes to each side.  First your left and then your right.

In both cases, you will give yourself hard smacks slowly and evenly.  And you will count them out loud after each spank. Cheating on the number means you will start over. I’m counting too, you know!

When do I do this?

The cruel spanking game may be used for punishment.  For example, maybe you can’t keep your hands off of your dick when you know you need my permission to touch it.  (Yes, this means you, Princess…) Or it will be used whenever the fuck I want. Whenever I feel like torturing and humiliating you.

I can’t wait to play this game with you!


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