My favorite crossdressing sissy whore overheard me talking about how much I loved Big Black Cocks that the thought started to consume his every thought. The way I described BBC from start to finish made my crossdressing sissy whore hungry for this new lifestyle more than ever.

The thoughts of how Black Cock would stay hard and how they satisfied my every need.  There was nothing I wouldn’t do for a Big Black Cock to fill me up.  Every load of cum was larger than the last.  It was only a matter of time before my crossdressing sissy whore’s hunger for cock and cum would grow stronger.

One day I knew crossdressing sissy whore wanted to share some of that Big Black Cock.   Extremely territorial with my men, I told him that he would have to find his own Big Black Cock to service.  I didn’t want him to get discouraged so I helped him on his quest.  Believe me, when I say, he needed ALL the help he could get.

My crossdressing sissy whore was not a small guy.  He was not your typical crossdresser with a small waist and skinny legs. No, he was one of those former athletes with the wide shoulders and walked EXTREMELY manly.  This was gonna take a lot TLC of shaping and molding with this particular crossdressing sissy.  I kinda sorta had my work cut out for me.

All things considered like most serious Sissy Crossdressers, he had potential with room to grow.  Nice outfits, lingerie, and beautiful high heels, a girl after my own heart (Wicked LiL Grin)  Consequently he needed a few pointers in what to wear, how to walk, and most of all how to apply makeup.

“Practice makes perfect!” I told him.   I made him practice walking in high heels balancing a book on his head for hours.  Before long he mastered walking with grace – slow and steady.  It didn’t too long, soon he was able to glide across the room with just a little hip swaying.  A+++++ I commended him.

Next was the transformation of using makeup. I gave him a list of makeup essentials, from the foundation, eye shadow to lipstick, and even lip plumper. “Every man wants to see PLUMP LIPS wrapped around their cock.” I laughed, as I instructed him on what youtube tutorials to watch. “Learn how to apply makeup correctly!” I encouraged him. Again, hours of practice and then one day he sent me a picture and I could not believe it was even him.

My crossdressing sissy whore was already well-practiced in taking a big black dildo.  With hours of sucking and fucking his mouth and man pussy, he was finally ready for the real thing. His plump round juicy ass is the very thing most black guys crave.  “More cushion for the pushing!” I’ve heard them say a number of times as they fucked me.  (Wicked LiL Grin)  So I knew he would attract a lot of attention with his bubbe butt walk.

One evening after shaving himself from head to toe he was ready for the transformation. He put on his luscious blonde wig and applied his makeup perfectly.  His outfit was perfect for his coming out.  He wiggled himself into a pair of hot little denim shorts that revealed a hint of his butt cheek.  Accented with a black halter top and black heels. Perfection!

It was time for the moment of truth.  I drove him down to the boardwalk and let him out of the car. My last words were  “Work it and don’t text me until you completed your mission!” I warned him earlier that he better have lots of stories to share.

Needless to say, he looked like a hot mess when I finally picked him up several hours later.  There he was waiting outside a hotel room with his wig messed up, makeup smeared, and carrying his heels. As he got in the car I laughed and said: “The walk of shame does not look good on you.” With a smile, his response was “Well you wanted a story…Well I have quite a few to tell you

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