Submissive Feminization Training –  The Final Outcome would blow his mind away in more ways than one.  My attempt cuckold wannabe was going to be coming over soon for a visit. Ryan thought it was going to be easy.  Easy? (Wicked LiL Laugh) He had another thing coming. I always say “Expect the Unexpected when it comes to Submissive Feminization Training!”   I knew what the anticipation of Submissive Feminization Training would do to him, so I had to do something to fix that.

A week before his arrival I sent him a package marked Urgent Attention. To his surprise, it was a perfect fitting cock cage and lock. (Wicked LiL Grin)  I kept the key to push his limits. Within due time Ryan would NEED to earn the key.

How would he earn the key to his locked cock cage you ask?   There was no holding back this my deviant thoughts, especially when I put my cruel mind to work. It didn’t take long before the idea of freezing “the key” in an ice cube tray came to mind.  These were no ordinary ice cubes. (Tsk Tsk Tsk ) While my submissive cuck suffered at home locked up, I was out getting fucked by one of my many fuck toys.

As I said, these were no ordinary ice cubes.  They were specialty “Cum Cubes.”  Instead of having my stud fill my sweet pussy, I had him fill each ice cube tray with his cum. Once halfway filled I took twelve identical keys and froze them between a layer of cum and my golden nectar.  This was an excellent twist to my Submissive’s Feminization Training.

When Ryan arrived I explained the rules and showed him the “ice cubes”. Each time he performed an assigned task,  he would be allowed to remove one ice cube from the tray.  (Wicked LiL Laugh)  With a smile on my face, I explained. “You are to suck a cube until it completely melts in your mouth.  Then and only then you may try the key in your mouth on your cock cage lock!”

Some of the tasks were sexual and others just things that needed to be done. He might have to service me orally, front and back. He might have to fluff one of my lovers. I might even loan him out to some friends. One simple task was washing my car on a busy Saturday afternoon. “How hard could that be?”  you ask.  You might not think it was easy if you were made to wear a pink thong bikini while the neighbors and passers-by watched.

After each task, he eagerly took an ice cube and sat at my feet while it melted in his mouth. Could this be the one? Will Ryan finally be released from the torment? After 11 tries, 11 loads of cum, and my piss, none of the keys worked. He was so anxious to do another task and get to the last one. But I was in no hurry. So I just let him go a couple more days while I teased him.

Finally, the final task of Submissive Feminization Training!

It would be a full day of pampering.  Earning the final key would push his boundaries.  to earn this last one.  Spa Day with a sexy mani, Pedi for both then a trip to the mall for a full makeover.  Ryan would earn this final key…no matter what it took.  Step by step to completing Submissive Feminization Training with some lingerie, clothes, and shoe shopping. A complete ensemble for two sexy glam girls.

Prolonging the day we stopped for a nightcap at an extremely busy club.  Ryan couldn’t resist or waste his sexy conversion on any guy.  He picked out the biggest guy with the biggest cock to bring home to fuck.

After a long night of getting his ass and face fucked, it was time to melt the last cube.  Finally, he would get the last key to release himself. Like a typical hungry cum whore, he greedily sucked the cube and then handed me the key to unlock his cock cage. But would this one really work, or was I mean enough to have all fakes and the real one still hidden away somewhere?

Call me to hear the final out-cum of the Submissive Feminization Training.

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