Cross-dressing man fetish and my wet pussy.

Cross-dressing man fetish is such a turn on for both of us. How did I find out Michael had a cross-dressing fetish? Well, it all began when we first got together he was just out of a divorce and living at his mom’s house. I noticed that he had a lot of women’s panties in his room. Questioning him about it he explained that his mom was old a senile and sometimes messed up the laundry. After a few months of dating, I realized that is was always the same panties and lingerie.

Did he have another girlfriend, I wondered.

Never in a million years would I have thought that Michael has a cross-dressing man fetish. Michael is the type of guy that is very manly and not feminine at all. One day I was on top of him with my soft silky cheeky panties on. I was grinding on his dick and he was getting hard. He told me how good it felt. The light bulb turned on in my head.

I offered my panties up for him to wear.

Looking a little confused he asked why he would to that. Confiding in him that I thought it would be hot to see him in my panties he agreed. I rubbed my wet pussy on his panty covered cock. Moaning and confessing that it felt so good I told him it would be so hot for him to put on a show for me and dress all up in my clothes. My cross-dressing man fetish was easy for Michael to help me with because they really weren’t his moms they were all his.

Walking over to the dresser drawer I grabbed out the sexiest bustier and thong I could find.

Then I grabbed a garter belt and thigh highs. As he put everything on I mentioned that he had no issues getting into the outfit I picked out. It was almost like he has had lots of practice doing this. Giving me a look of oh shit she knows, I really did know. His face looked kind of scared and I told him it was ok and I was so turned on because I had a cross-dressing man fetish.

Smiling from ear to ear he told me that he loves to cross-dress and he is looking for a girl that will have no problem helping him with his cross-dressing man fetish.

There is nothing wrong with that I could be that girl for him. My kinky side is really coming out now. I asked him if he has ever gone in public as a cross-dresser. Never has he left the house in women’s clothes. I had him wear what he had on but put his jeans and a shirt over it and take me to dinner. Explaining that this was going to be step one of helping him. We will take baby steps but cross-dressing is fine in the bedroom but at some point, you need to venture out into public and let the whole world see what a little sissy panty boy cross-dresser you really are.

Now fast forward 5 years and Michael loves to be my little sissy bitch.

We share panties and lingerie. He has no problems dressing up as a woman for me. I love every minute of it and cant wait to get him home and throw him on the bed and have my way with him. Loving to take him home and make him suck my strap-on, Shoving his head on my cock and making him chock on it right before I bend him over and fuck his ass making him my little bitch. I smack his ass with my paddle and make my cross-dressing man fetish little bitch.

Sometimes I feel like when I am with him I am with a shemale.

I love the fact that with a shemale you get the best of both worlds. The only thing that is missing with my cross-dressing man fetish is the boobs. I wonder what the chances are of me talking him into taking hormone injections to make his boobs swell a little? This might take some serious effort. But to be honest panty boys and toys is one of my biggest fantasies. If you are a panty-boy or ever wanted to try it call me for kinky phone sex.


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