Panty boys and toys! Where are all my panty boys and toys tonight?

Panty boys and toys. Eve loves her some panty boys and toys, Ther more the merrier. So here is the story. Michael was very generous and bought me some new lingerie, it was so sexy, It was perfect. Perfect for my plan. I had sex up the perfect night without Michael knowing. Everything was set up behind his back, don’t get me wrong this plan is for him too, not just me.

I showed up at his house with my bag of lingerie and toys.

Spreading out all of the outfits on the bed and I let him pick out his two favorite choices. His first choice is a cream colored flowy teddy with a cream-colored thong. Very elegant and sexy. The next one was a black lace bodysuit, very low cut and almost slutty looking. Taking the creamy teddy I threw it at him and told him to put it on.

Tonight he will be my panty boy and toys will be his best friend.

He laid on the bed and asked what do you want me to do now? Grabbing the dildo I handed it to him and told him to suck it and deep throat it. The doorbell rings. The look of fright was on his face. No one knows he likes to dress up like panty boys and play with toys. Walking away to answer the door I knew Michaels’ heart was racing. Returning to the bedroom with Mark following me was the perfect beginning to my panty boys and toys night. Micheal had heard many stories about the sexy talk between Mark and I but had never actually met him.

He instantly pulled the dildo out of his mouth and tried to cover himself up.

“Michael this is Mark and he is going to dress up and you boys are going to play together.” Michael felt more comfortable now. Now I have the black lace bodysuit and am handing it to Mark to put on.

I sit back and watch them as they are in bed kissing each other passionately.

It is such a turn on to see these two grown men embracing their sexual fetishes with each other. I can see both of their cocks getting harder and harder with every kiss. He grabs Michaels hard cock and began to lick the head of it.

Michael moans as Mark deep throats him.

Panty boys and toys next to them, Mark grabs the lube and squirts it down the crack of Michaels ass and rubs it all around. He slowly inserts his finger inside and starts finger fucking Michaels ass. He grabs the anal beads from the selection of toys and slides one bead into Michale’s ass. Now Mark is undoing the crotch of his bodysuit and crawls up between Michaels’ legs and gives him a kiss.

Whispering in his ear Panty boys and toys turn me on I want you to fuck my ass.

They roll over and Mark is now on the bottom with his legs resting on Michaels’ shoulders. Lubing up Marks ass Michael is ready to fuck him deep and hard. Every thrust caused another bead to enter. The only thing left now is the ring to pull the beads out. Mark was begging Michael to fuck him harder “Make me your cum whore” he begged.

Panty boys and toys are what make these two grown men cum with pleasure.

As Michael was ready to explode he load he pulled out and grabbed Marks head forcing his cock deep down his throat.  Grabbing the ring, I yanked the anal beads from Michaels ass making his ejaculation shoot straight down Marks’ throat. This caused him to gag a little. But he swallowed that load like a pro.  I could not be happier with the way the night turned out. I can only hope that we have birthday threesome sex for Michael it will be this good. If you like what you have read call me and tell me you like my blogs and then ask me how to get free phone sex minutes. If you are not a panty-boy check out my oh=ther blogs on my page. There is something for everyone.

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