Let’s Dress Up With This Cross Dresser Stories Experience!

So, do you have any hot cross dresser stories?  I’d love to share mine with you as you slide under those soft sheets.  I never judge anyone for feeling those urges.

Generally speaking, many cross-dressers in cross dresser stories enjoy the feeling of dressing in feminine clothing.  Wearing feminine clothing feels good as well as makes one feel sexy inside and out.  Cross-dressing is only one aspect of the whole picture.  So, cross-dressing also includes emotional and physical fulfillment, feeling beautiful inside and out, wanting love and acceptance, and finding a relationship whether it’s long-term or casual.

So this story is very true!

I have a friend named Greg.  At first, I thought he was sometimes a dirty naughty boy.  I have known him for over twenty years.  For the most part, he was a happy-go-lucky guy.  All things considered, Greg was definitely handsome, with a nice athletic body, and stunning eyes.  You could almost fall under his spell.  He was quite the charmer for sure.

As time went on, I did notice some changes that were very hard to ignore.  Greg started to find interest in some of the clothing I wore.  Then, later on, Greg started to go shopping.  At first, he stated he was going shopping for his sister.

Rather than hang out he would disappear for long periods at a time.  Then one day, I went to see Greg for lunch.  I stepped away to use the bathroom.  While I was there, I found some panties in the hamper.

There were other panties and bras.  Not the most flattering panties or bra, but interesting.  Nevertheless, I had to find out if he was seeing someone.  I was really curious why he wouldn’t share that info with his friends.  Perhaps Greg was embarrassed to tell anyone so soon about his affairs and what was happening in his personal life.

So, I had to find out what was going on.

Next, I sat Greg down to figure out what was happening in his life.  Rather than hesitate on the issue, Greg slowly told me about the time he found his sister’s panties.  He was taken with her panties as he put them on.  From there, Greg moved to bras, slips, stockings, dresses and skirts, and low-cut tops.

Greg told me he didn’t feel like Greg.  He truly felt like a beautiful woman under his male body.  He loved everything about the lifestyle that women lead.  Greg loved women’s clothes, walks, accessories, and makeup, but felt very awkward about how to put all of those things together.

So, I promised to help Greg become more like the woman she needed to be.  From then on, I always called her name she requested.  She wanted to be called Amber.  Next, I went through her wardrobe to help Amber find what went with each outfit.  We even started to shop together to find out the hottest outfits.

The next part of our cross dresser stories experience – Here comes Amber the beautiful stunning woman.

So next the transformation.  Amber modeled for me in all kinds of outfits.  After much bickering, and debating we dressed her in a stunning skirt, stockings, blue blouse, heels, black panties, and bra.  Amber told me she was ready to go beyond dressing and go out to find a guy.  However Amber was very afraid to go in public fully dressed in her outfit.  Amber had worn panties under her pants, but that was it.

So, for a while we had Amber go out in public.  Often, I would go with her so that she didn’t feel so nervous.  Then one day she told me she was ready to learn how to suck and get fucked by a cock, but wanted my help before going with someone for real.

Amber and I went back home.  I had Amber sit on the bed.  Then I had Amber practice sucking on my strap-on.  It was so sexy to see her move her lips up and down my cock.  I knew she was going to be a great cock sucker in general.

I could tell this was turning her on.  Next, I worked on her tight pussy with my fingers.  From then on, she would call her lovely areas pussy and clit.  After some work, we were able to loosen her sweet pussy.  Then came the day I fucked her hard with my cock.  I’ll never forget how she screamed and writhed on the bed.

Would you love to share your cross dresser stories with me?  I can’t wait to tell you all about the date she went on with this hot guy.  Get ready for the best phone sex.


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