Creepy Professor Extra Credit for my Final Grade!

When I was younger, I would often say things like, ‘I’d do ANYTHING for great grades that I didn’t have to work so hard for…’ Well, that was before being offered Creepy Professor Extra Credit! I was not only a virgin, but I was void of almost everything operational about the opposite sex. You see, I was homeschooled until my high school years. Big mistake, Mom and Dad! Should have told your little girl what was CUMming! Or, that she’d soon CRAVE dick! Haha.

Everything went well until one day when Professor Cooper strutted into our Health Class. All the girls swooned a bit, and I can still smell his cologne. He smelled like…  a man. I felt the stir, even if I had no idea what that stir was. I was gonna find out soon enough! Our class was abuzz with giggles from the chicks. And, the boys? They were reminded that that’s just exactly what they were. BOYS!

I Never Saw Creepy Professor Extra Credit Cumming!

Mr. Cooper stood at the rear of the class and excused us after a whisper and giggle-filled hour. But, he called out for me to stay behind. Lots of “Oooooohs” and laughter that I was in trouble. HOW RIGHT they were! The Creepy Professor Extra Credit was about to commence.

“I see someone is full of the teen giggles today!” He purred at me while running a finger up the back of my spine. I nearly jumped from my seat! Had he really just touched me? No teacher had EVER done that. I think it was an unwritten RULE! Right? I believe he felt my shiver and I was flush with embarrassment. The only MAN who had ever touched me was my Dad and he never did it like this!

Creepy Professor Extra Credit Might Get Me EVERYTHING I Wanted in School – and OUT!

Before I knew it, Cooper had me pressed against his supply closet. And from what I could tell he was fully STOCKED… if you know what I mean! LOL. He forced his hand under my uniform skirt and immediately ground his long, thick fingers against my cotton panties! The protest I was trying to put on was squelched by his tongue in my mouth. I wanted to spit his Creepy Professor Extra Credit right back in his face! That was until I tasted him! FUCK almighty!

I was about to pee said panties, so I tried to use my little hands to push him back while begging. “I think I’m gonna peeeeee!” His mouth made it to my girlie-bits and he moved fast like a shadow! Yanking my bloomers to the side, his tongue slid INSIDE ME! What the fuck? I wanted to be mad. I swear  I did, but I just couldn’t!

Creepy Professor Extra Credit Would Now Fully Cum Into View!

“Shhhh. Don’t make noises, Baby-Girl! I could tell, as soon as I saw you that I would be the one to give all of my attention to this year.” It turns out that every year, he would single a young one out for his Creepy Professor Extra Credit! Who knew? He explained that his wife didn’t like sex, so he got it where he could. And, this years could… was ME!

Furthermore, for the price of all the Creepy Professor Extra Credit he could give, I’d be heading off to college with straight (and, I DO mean straight as a BOARD! Giggle) A’s! I let him lick my bald little pussy and drink all of me. He taught me to suck his fat dick and to drink his juices as he had with me.

Creepy Professor Extra Credit Found Its Way to My HOME Too!

Oh, yeah. He came over for dinner and became friends with my parents. So, when they asked him to watch me for a few hours, he was happy to oblige! But, it didn’t stop there. Wanna know what he did to me on my parent’s BED? Then, call me. Furthermore, YOU get to be the teacher! LOL.

Get the best phone sex with me!

Kiss, kiss.

Just Joey