Creepy Haunted Doll Craves Flesh Inside Her!

A creepy haunted doll craves flesh inside her makes for great horror porn just like everything else. I woke up stiff as a board; like I’d been sleeping on a hard cement floor. The only thing was, I was on a plush comfy bed that was a mess of sheets and quilts as if I hadn’t been sleeping alone. My pussy was dripping wet. But, my hunger for more was still alive and well inside. Hmm. I wonder what that’s all about.

Struggling to sit upright on the edge of the mattress – I tried to stretch my legs again and OWWW! Well, that smarted. So, I was thinking I had I run some sort of secret marathon that I couldn’t remember? I mean, the movement alone was excruciating! I was starving, but not for breakfast, unless you call craving dick breakfast. Ha! I got to my feet, unsteady as they were, and did a robotic walk the short distance to the door. I almost laughed when I caught glimpse of myself in the mirror over there. It reminds me of sneaky daddy’s dick!

Whose room is this?

I backed up at the visual and at first, I thought I was wearing a Halloween costume. The crazy thing is, it wasn’t removable. Hmm. Odd things are always happening to me. But, this? This was a twist even for me. I didn’t recognize myself, the room, or anything about this whole trippy day. And I was locked in. Oh, great! I get to be waiting here like a sitting duck, I guess. And, I started to remember that I lived in this room; also occupied by the daughter of the house. I fell asleep propped up on a throw-pillow.

So, as I said, I fell asleep and woke to a man looking at me curiously, but not touching me, yet. I remembered him too as the Daddy of the girl who slept and played in the same room as me. Then, I felt the warmth of his touch and it started to set me on fire. He touched my cheek in an almost poking fashion as if testing the plastic nature of my skin. Then, his finger slid down over my collar bone and pulled at the breast section of my nightie. His touch was so tentative that I could hear and feel his breath against my skin. (Okay, you have just crossed over into what could be some serious taboo phone sex!) Alright, Daddy! This feels gooooood!’, I said with a voice I didn’t have. Haha.

Feeling frisky, he decided to lift my dress.

Just then, I wanted to ask him what the fuck he was doing, but I couldn’t. I discovered that I’m not at all who I think I am. It turns out, I’m a doll. But, a living doll still needs fresh, warm loving from a good hard dick! Hmmm. I wonder if I could contort my face enough to tell him to rip my dress off and take me? I didn’t want him to know that a Creepy Haunted Doll Craves Flesh Inside! So, my nipples hardened and that got his attention alright. He looked around as if there were cameras queued up.

Slowly, he pulled my doll dress down to expose my doll tits. He looked around again, then licked across from one tit to the other and sucked each in with a moan. So, feeling emboldened, he posed my little doll body ignominiously in the large picture window in the bedroom. But, Daddy is freaky and he wanted the neighbors to get a good view of him fucking the shit out of me. I wonder if I look like a doll to them too?

Did I mention this creepy haunted doll craves flesh inside? Well, I do! Just like a real girl!

So, this was my shot to fuck him back and make him crave me too! I thrust back with everything I had in me. Moreover, even a creepy haunted doll craves flesh inside too! But,  I was willing to put in the work because I’d been alone for so long. I could tell he was hot for this to last all night when he lifted my dress and fingered my cunt while pressing his thumb against my hard clit. He looked into my lifeless doll eyes as my hole got slicker and more slippery wet. GOD! I needed a real girl’s voice! If I’d had one I’d be screaming the high notes.

Daddy slid two fingers deeper and deeper to see just how far he could go with the new family pet – me! For a second and right before I came all over his fingers, my mind slid away wondering if Daddy had any idea how many times his sweet little daughter had finger fucked the shit out of me? Oh, yeah! How in the world do you think I ever knew I was a living doll. Furthermore, it’s how I figured out that wasn’t enough! I knew from that first squirt session that a creepy haunted doll craves flesh inside.

And boy did I! I needed it now and I needed it from the little princess’s Daddy.

I relaxed so much that I dropped back against his heaving chest as I forgot to hold myself stiff. That was going to be impossible now. So, I let go and became a soft, effusive WOMAN! For the first time in my doll life, I felt free to be me. Nowhere in my doll handbook was there anything about becoming a real person. I mean, I remember the time that the little girl had a Raggedy Andy doll and she’d smash our private parts together. Never did it occur to her that we were really fucking. But, we were. You know in doll-fashion. But, then she took him away from me too. She was a selfishly needy little brat who didn’t like sharing the attention. So, this thing with me and Daddy needed to be kept a strict secret.

So, every time she was absent Daddy came looking to bust his nut. I keep telling you that a creepy haunted doll needs flesh inside and I meant it. I’d suck his big, thick cock and put my tongue in the tiny hole on top like a starving girl. I let him fuck, suck, and finger me anytime he wanted. Then, he’d put me back exactly where he found me. There he left me, on the shelf with his jizz dripping from me.

Kiss, kiss.

The filthiest doll you’ll ever find. The Joey Doll!Creepy Haunted Doll Craves Flesh Inside