Creamy Panty Facesitting

Creamy panty facesitting–You know there’s nothing better than a fresh, clean pair of panties absolutely ruined by a gorgeous amount of pussy cream. It just makes you want to slide them off of her delectable body, down those smooth long legs, and pop them over her delicate feet. Then you can sniff them deeply and inhale that pussy aroma, so pungent from the day.

Once you’ve had your fill of the aroma, stick them in your mouth and suck all that delicious cream off of them. Really cram them in there. If you can’t get them straight from the pussy, the second best option is to dig for ripe panties from the bottom of the hamper. I used to do this in college when I was the RA. It led to some facesitting and even a titty fuck bonanza

Busted With Panties on My Face

There’s nothing in the world like creamy panty facesitting. I have to admit, I was getting lost in the fantasy, sniffing my wife’s friend’s panties who had come to stay with us for the weekend. Sadie was a busty redhead with long legs and she looked like she could really cream her panties. I was panting myself when she busted me right in the act.

I was lying on the guest bed, pants around my ankles, hard cock in my hand, with a pair of her creamiest panties draped across my face. Uh oh. I was in trouble. “S-Sadie, I didn’t expect you back so soon,” I sputtered. Was that a smile I saw flicker across her naughty red lips?

She’s Into Creamy Panty Facesitting!

“You weren’t by any chance thinking of some creamy panty facesitting, were you?” she inquired coyly. I was speechless! How did she know my deepest desire? Sadie stood there with the light from the window bathing her like a sex angel. I could almost see through her flimsy white sundress.

She strode over to me and flipped up her skirt, grinning down at me like the Cheshire Cat! “Creamy panty facesitting happens to be my favorite,” she declared. Could this be true? Was this really happening? The wet spot on her cream-colored lace panties was growing and spreading. My mouth started watering.

Fantasy Come True

“Please… please one taste,” I almost cried. Without a word, she straddled my face, white stockings and high heels still on. She shoved her panty-clad pussy down on my face and started smothering me with it. All I could do was suck and munch and lick those delicious juices off the naughty lingerie! Creamy panty facesitting is so good! Her hot cunt writhed and smashed me down. I was in heaven!

That gorgeous redhead popped her pussy lips out of the side of those soaked panties and I almost passed out from horniness. My cock was rock hard as I licked those gorgeous lips and slurped the juices. Sadie had possibly the creamiest pussy I’d ever tasted! She grabbed my hair as she writhed atop my face. “Now tell me,” she said, “What’s your favorite thing about creamy panty facesitting?”

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