Creamy leaky milk is my favorite thing about this whole endeavor!

Every month of my pregnancy, I got fucked multiple times every day.  When all those boys fucked me, I made sure they squeezed and sucked the daylight out of my ever-growing puffy tits. My goal was to bring my creamy leaky milk in early to nurse both my boyfriend and my married lover (the confused baby daddy).

Slowly my milking program began to work, and after about seven months, I was able to tease small doses of Colostrum (pre-milk) out of my sensitive tits. Watching it dribble out and tasting it was hot, but I wanted more – much more.

On a Wednesday morning, I went out to the street to get the mail. Walking towards my mailbox was a pregnant woman with a round baby bump and her gorgeous German shepherd.

As pregnant women do, we start to chat. I invited her in for coffee. At first, she hesitated, but I made it clear that my house was very dog friendly. I told her that I am a big K9 fan, and she gave me a knowing wink.

When we went inside, she noticed my sex chaise immediately.

She smiles then she asks if I like to be tied up. I explained to her that although I liked it rough, I do all the tying. I do not let men bind me. She started to laugh so hard coffee came out of her nose.

It turns out she has the same lounge. Almost every night, either her husband or handyman is bound to the lounge for hours. I asked her with a little hesitation who fucked better, her husband, her lover or, her dog.  Without hesitation, that red-hot Shepard cock was the winner, by a lot.

I told her that most big dogs fucked far better than any man with a white cock and even better than some with a BBC. She sat down on the floor and told me to come over. When I got to her, she pulled off my sports bra.

Then she took my comfy leggings and tore them open, exposing my bare pussy, and my pink round ass.  You should never assume I have panties on.  Then she opened her blouse and unhooked her maternity bra.

She laid down on the floor and motioned me closer.

I laid on her and began to kiss her all over.  When I got to her juicy tits, I began to suck like a baby. Suddenly, I felt tons of creamy leaky milk coming out.  I looked at her with surprise, and she told me that she never stopped lactating after her first baby was born. She told me to take off the remnants of my leggings.

While I drank from her like a hungry set of twins, my ass was sticking up in the air. Soon, I felt paws and nails, scratching my neck and back. Then I felt a very hard doggy cock pushing against me.  I adjusted a little until her Shepard found my pussy.  He pounded and pounded my pussy while I guzzled milk.

After about 30 minutes, he shot his “doggy milk” in my pussy as greedily as I was drinking creamy leaky milk. It took another hour for his knot to subside so that we could disconnect.

The morning consisted of that amazing Shepard filling us up repeatedly.  When he finally went to sleep after a “busy” morning.  My neighbor and I licked and sucked all of that taboo cum out of our holes for hours. Next week, we will explore how my neighbor helped my milk come in.

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