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Creamy Cum Flurries are one of my most favorite things about the holidays. While it is cold outside, I know that we can both warm-up together with some sweaty hot fucking. Even the juices that we both have! Warm, sticky, and sweet. While we exchange gifts with a happy Friends Christmas, I have a special gift for the group. I change and approach everyone dressed in my little slutty outfit, ready to have naughty Creamy Cum Flurries. Santa is always watching, right? Hopefully, he will be so turned on by my idea of Christmas that I steal him away from Mrs. Claus. I am on my hands and knees catering to these cocks with my mouth. Sucking and tug them into the backs of my throat. We are going to have the best holly jolly Christmas. I so love to suck their jingle balls into my mouth.

These balls are getting so full and heavy with sticky warm nut.

Creamy Cum Flurries are going to bust so hard and fast out of these. I lay back and invite them to penetrate my whore holes. Instead of stuffed stocking stuffers, how amazing is it to have my holes stuffed to the brim with Creamy Cum Flurries. One snowy load busts out of this cock and covers my pretty little mouth and face. It is not a gentle sprinkle of cum. Instead, it feels like a blizzard of snow covering my face, making me into the horny little snowman that I am. Creamy Cum Flurries make me so happy and horny. My holes are getting dug deep inside. They are plowing away at me. My tight little twat is cumming over and over again as they are prodding me. My mouth is squeezing on a cock, milking every drop of his nut into my cheeks.

Everyone should so have a Friends-Christmas.

There is no better way to say you appreciate them than by getting and giving Creamy Cum Flurries all over. My pussy is now getting so much stickiness. I am going to be so covered in sticky warm nut juice when Santa comes to leave things under my tree. I will just leave the door unlocked and for him to find me under the mistletoe. Hopefully, he will give even more of the holiday spirit with all of his Creamy Cum Flurries. My mouth, pussy, and ass need Santa’s sticky built-up fuck load. I love having a white Christmas. There is so much naughty fucking that needs to be had during the busy holiday season. Maybe Santa will join in on this Christmas gangbang.

Creamy Cum Flurries for Christmas are so hot. I really do love to have December Play Time and to get so naughty that we both end up on the naughty list!


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