December Play Time is the best since it is so the most magical time of the year!

December Play Time is all fucking month. I am dressing up and having a cozy little day at my house. Some friends are coming over, guys and girls. We are all hanging out watching a movie. I am sitting right next to my best friend’s man, we are sharing a big blanket. My hand is in his lap. I so pull out his cock under the blanket and start to stroke him for my December Play Time. He is rock solid and trying really fucking hard not to moan and give it away how dirty I am being. Feeling his gentle secretive thrusts into my palm is making my pussy dripping wet. I get up and motion for him to follow me. He waits a good bit and meets me in the bathroom. Dropping down to my hands and knees, I suck his cock into the depths of my throat.

We are trying to be quiet even though my gags are pretty fucking loud.

He is grabbing the back of my head and slamming me up and down on his shaft. Before I know it, he grabs me and puts me on the counter, up against the mirror. My legs spread open as his bare cock thrusts into my pink, tight fuck hole. His hand goes over my mouth as he penetrates my silky smooth tight hole. This December Play Time is so naughty. He is fucking me good, making my little twat cum hard and fast. Someone is knocking on the door and we are not stopping. He is going slower, watching his cock part my pussy hole open. We hear talking outside the door as he shoots a big fat nut inside of my pussy. This December Play Time is so fucking hot. I hop off the counter and open the door to all of our friends and his girl standing there.

He is so worried they are going to be pissed, thinking that we got caught red handed.

His girl immediately says, “So, where did he put it?” I point down at my pussy. She looks at him and gets down on her hands and knees and shoves her tongue in my hole. She is scooping it out in front of everyone. December Play Time is a joyful time of the year where sharing is so caring. He is in fucking shock, watching his bitch be a cum hungry whore. Everyone is feeling the horny energy in the air. The good news is that this is only going to get that much hotter and dirtier. I really love December Play Time, it is so my most favorite month of the whole year.

December Play Time makes me so fucking horny and I crave to get really naughty. It is almost as amazing as November Cream Pies.

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