Cum facials, so yummy! I love CUM, especially when it’s sprayed all over my face, my tits, my pussy, and my ass. Matter of fact, I need your hot jizz all over my body!

Cum facials are a craving that I just can’t shake, nor would I want to! I know what you’re thinking about. How GOOD it would feel if I stroked that dick until it’s rock HARD. You imagine it vividly, in the hope that it’s MY hand that’s gripping your rigid, throbbing cock.

I want YOUR cum, baby. So warm, so creamy, so goooood!

Pumping you so perfectly, until you think you can no longer resist the inevitable explosion. In the middle of this, of course, I stop for a moment. Stepping back just a bit as I look up at you oh-so-innocently, I suck a fingertip between my red, juicy lips.

“Oh? You wanted something?” I giggle as I slide my saliva-coated finger in and out of my pouty mouth.

We’re in the VIP room of our favorite EDM club. Obviously, we’re about to star in one of my hottest public sex stories ever! Grinning cutely, I pull the glistening digit out of my mouth with a juicy pop as I teasingly ask “You want to WHAAAAT?” In the hope that I’ll let you cum, you desperately jerk that meat harder, purple mushroom head dripping.

You groan out a few intelligible words, uttered between gritted teeth. Certainly, I know what you really need. Indeed, that CUMplete need for release is driving both of us! However, I’m having SO much fun tormenting you.

“Whaaaat was that? You want my mouth WHERE?”

I casually sink to my knees in front of you, just out of reach.

Unhooking my midnight blue push-up bra, I look down at the silky material as it falls away to bare my rosy, erect nipples to your hungry gaze. Pushing my sweet, young breasts together, I move closer until your purpled tip bumps my swollen, dusky pink nipple, coating it in pre-cum.

As a result, your mouth waters with the need to please me. You stare blearily down at this incredibly sexy, naughty college girl who’s kneeling at your feet.

At this point, you’ll do ANYTHING to get that release. Isn’t that right, sexy?

Accordingly, I look up at you as I giggle wickedly. “I know what you wanna do with that, baby! If I like how you beg, I might just let you shoot that hot, creamy load all over my face. If I think it’s not ‘all that,’ you’ll be cumming in THIS.” *holds out a wad of tissues*

“Lick that clean first, you smeared your pre-jizz on my titty, mister! That’s right, lick it up. NOW.”

“Oh yes, you’re almost there,” I groan hungrily. “Aching to cum? Beg for it.”

You’re nearly incoherent now, which makes your response that much more entertaining. “Oh, you mean HERE?” I grin wickedly as I bend forward, my glossy lips poised RIGHT above your aching crown. Next, I slowly blow warm, moist air over it as you desperately moan for more.

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