Most girls say eww! I say “I’ll never forget the first time I was cream pied!” I have this secret obsession with my pussy or ass being filled up just like a Boston cream pie. I remember I was fairly young and only tasted cum a handful of times. The girls I went to school with told me it smelled and was nasty. Honestly, I never smelled bad cum. Is there such a thing? So I for the most part I enjoyed giving a good blow job and swallowing a thick cum shot.

One night my folks were out of town. I had some friends over and we all smoked a bit of weed. My then-on-again and off-again boyfriend was staying the night and nudged me in the direction of my bedroom. Giggling, I knew what we were gonna do. I was horny and always loved to fuck after I smoked. It went down pretty fast and hard. Before I knew it he had filled my pussy up with his load.

I had all that cum deep inside my twat and nothing to wipe it out.

I wasn’t gonna use my sheets! My boyfriend was still inside me, he could see my dilemma and smile.  He slowly pulled out his cock and knelt down by my face.  His dick was about to drip some of the cum onto my bed. I enjoyed cum enough to not wanna waste it. I stuck my tongue out and let that single drop fall onto my tongue. Then I licked my lips and pulled his cock into my mouth. I gently bathed his cock and suckled all that gooey mess off.

My boyfriend stayed nice and firm. He pushed back into my pussy and reloaded his shaft with his cum. Over and over he fed his jizz to me. I always have the softest lips when I lick cum off a man’s tool

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