So, What Is Your Favorite Cream Pie Filling?

Are you going to enjoy the smooth cream pie filling over the holiday? I just bet you are.  You’re so hungry, I see your mouth is drooling.

However, it’s not the cream pie filling you may think of. It’s that creamy smooth taste that can only be obtained by fucking guy after guy and taking his load of hot cum in your pussy.

Guess who’s cream pie filling this is?

So, one of the kinky games my husband and I play is Guess the Filling. I know it may sound so strange, but it’s rather sexy.  For one year I went out with Tony’s two best friends,  Steve and Ben. All of them have been best friends for so long, it wasn’t uncommon for us to hang out. If my husband happened to be busy at work, he would tell me to go and have some fun all the while winking at me.

As soon as I came home, Tony knew he would be in for such a delicious treat. Like, there was last year when Tony got stuck on a project that kept him in the office late. I did the right thing and volunteered to go out with both of them. Not to mention both of them were so hot, I did not mind at all.

You could say we’ve done it all.

At some point, all of us have fooled around with one another. Tony had gay sex with his buds, and I fucked each of his friends at some point, but that night would be different. My dress was dazzling, my heels were slutty, and I wore my lacy black panties under my dress.

The concert was so much fun, but truthfully I was too busy teasing each friend on either side of me. I would touch one guy, then the next. I could feel their hard cocks bulging under their pants. They returned the favor by rubbing their hands up and down my silky legs. My pussy was burning under my panties. They were so wet, that I was moving around in my seat.

By the time I got home, I was so hot!

There was not much to say, really. We all knew that we were going to fuck the moment we came home. Even if Tony wasn’t home, I knew he would want my hot cream pie filling in his mouth as I told him about how hard they both tagged teamed me.

You could say the moment we got into the house it was game on!  Both guys took turns kissing me. Their hands felt so good roaming up and down my body. Steve touched my tits, making my nipples so hard. Ben has an incredible mouth that can lick my pussy into submission.

His mouth went right for my hot spot. It was so intense I had to fight from cumming too fast. I wanted this to last for a while.

Up the stairs, we went!

Well, the next thing I knew Ben carried me up the stairs to the bedroom. By the time Steve entered the room, Ben had his head down between my legs to taste my sweet sticky pussy.

I moved and fucked his face. That’s it!  I came so hard, I couldn’t hold out against a tongue that good.

Steve mounted me and his cock went inside my tight hole. Both guys took their turns and came several times inside of me before Tony came home. The guys were just getting dressed when Tony walked in.

Well, the sight of all that cum dripping from my holes got Tony so excited.  He tore off his clothes and dove onto the bed.  My legs were lifted and his tongue started to clean my ass hole. I cried out as his hot tongue licked me to orgasm again. My favorite part was sitting on his face and giving my thirsty husband his protein drink, but I’ll tell you more later.


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