Nothing Better Than A Sunday Cream Pie

There’s nothing I love more than a big, creamy load in my pussy.  I love the feeling of being filled to the brim and feeling it drip out during the day.  There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting a big cream pie and being stuck at work all day.  So at my summer job at the ice cream stand, I decided to have some fun.

It was such a hot day.  I was working with this guy Mark I’ve always had a crush on.  Could feel the sweat pooling between my big tits so I unbuttoned my pink uniform top a little bit.  I knew he could see and I saw the bulge twitch in his pants, so I decided to have a little bit of fun.  He looked so big, I just couldn’t resist.

It seemed to slow down for a bit so I walked over to the soft serve machine and put a little bit on my finger.  I laughed and waved him over and licked it slowly off of my finger so he could imagine what my sweet lips could do to his cock.

His mouth dropped open, so I was ready for some fun.

He was so speechless and I unbuttoned his khaki pants and saw that cock standing at attention for me.  I needed to be filled with a good cream pie.  “Fuck me,” I ordered him, and moved my skirt and panties to the side with my hands against the soft serve machine.  He began pumping in and out, moaning my name “Naomi, Naomi, fuck it’s so tight” over and over.  I reached back and massaged his balls while he filled my pussy with cock.  I felt them start to tighten and I knew he was going to give me a big load.

He did, and I felt his warm juice spurt all up inside of me.  I turned around and gave him a wink, sucked the rest of his cum off of his cock like I had sucked the ice cream off of my finger.  I spent the rest of the day feeling his cream pie drip out of me.  If you want to be my naughty cuckold, then call me for some hot kinky phone sex.