What’s a better treat than a cream-filled princess? Or course, my daddy’s boss certainly thought it was perfect for him, especially if he was the one doing the filling! What to know how I got myself into this situation? I promise it was one hundred percent on purpose. 

First Day At Daddy’s Office

It was take your daughter to workday. So naturally, daddy brought me in, and I was more than willing to go since I would be able to miss a day of school for it. Arriving at his office was interesting! Maybe it was because of how short my shorts were or the way my perky tits bounced in my blouse. Whatever the case, all of daddy’s office friends were quick to compliment me and show me stuff. Of course, I felt their pervy eyes all over me. In that office was beautiful art, and they were only doing the right thing and taking in my beauty. All the men seem nice, a couple even bangable, but none of them stood out except one. 

I wanted to fuck Daddy’s boss! It was an instant attraction for me; when he walked into daddy’s office, he walked in with power, authority, the kind to make any girl’s panties drop. I didn’t know it then, but he was about to make me a cream-filled princess. He came in with files for my daddy to look through as I was bent over daddy’s desk, drawing out of boredom in my notebook. When he came over, his hand slid up my lower thigh and rested on my ass while he talked with my dad. Funnily, My dad didn’t even look up once. 

Obviously, I still remember the look on his boss’s face as he started to leave the room and told my dad he liked his new secretary. “Oh, no, sir, this is my daughter.” My panties were damp from his earlier caress. I just smiled and waved as he turned beet red, realizing he just groped a teen girl of one of his subordinates. 

You Touch It; You Fill It

That one interaction was all I needed! Around lunch-time, while daddy was piled under his work, I went looking for trouble. My panties still a little damp, feeling incredibly horny. I snuck my way down the corridor of offices to get to the one with the big red oak door at the end. The light was off; luckily, the office door was unlocked. So I let myself in and looked around. Daddy’s boss had pictures of his family next to his computer, and everything neat and in order. 

The door opened as I was bending over his desk, prying, my back to the door. I heard it shut and kept my position. His foot-steps walked toward me, as I felt that familiar hand rest on my hip. As he leaned over and asked, “Does anyone know you are in here, princess?”. “No, sir”. Feeling him pull me up and turn me around to face him. He smiled and unbuttoned my jean-shorts and started to slide them down. Place his hands under my ass, lifting me up onto his desk and sliding his fingers into my wet pussy with his thumb teasing my clit. 

“No panties, tells me you’re a little slut” whispering in my ear. Sending goosebumps along my skin. “Sluts come into my office to get fucked” stating while undoing his pants, revealing his big cock. As a result, seeing it only made me want it more “Please fill me,” I begged. He stared at me and smiled, “Oh, you will be leaving him, my little cream-filled princess”. 

A Proper Cream-Filled Princess

He pulled his finger out of my putting them to my lips, as I instinctively sucked them clean. “Good girl,” he said while teasing the head of his cock between my wet pussy lips. Sliding it in as his hands travel up my sides and ripping open my blouse. I could hear a couple of buttons pop off and hit the floor. His hands grabbed my tits and pinched my hard nipples as he thrust harder and harder into me. 

“You are so tight, I’m going to fill you with cum. Would you like that?” he teased already knowing the answer as my pussy squeezed around his cock. “Yes, please!” I almost screamed, feeling it as I came on his cock, and he flipped me over. Grinding against my ass as he teased my pussy and put it back inside me as I begged for more. 

I remember him pumping inside me hard, and his cock throbbing as a warm gush of his hot creamy cum erupted from his cock inside me. It felt amazing and even better when I pulled up my panties with the cum still dripping out of me. Felt like a proper cream-filled princess. I left his office happy, filled, and with a new Summer internship lined up. 

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