Getting out to see new places is so much fun! Going on vacation with friends is always a good way to reset. Of course, my friends know me. And, they know I love meeting new people on our trip and having crazy vacation sex with them.

Therefore, every trip I go on is different. Furthermore, I love the variety and different scenery. Of course, you also meet different types of people this way. No matter where we are, I am always introducing myself to the sexy peeps in the area.

As a Curvaceous BBW Whore, they are usually drawn to me anyway. It is like my sexiness is a beacon for the hot freaks and sexy beasts of the world. And, this allows us to find fun places to play along the way.

No matter what, every trip is full of crazy vacation sex!

If we are in an area with the ocean nearby, we tend to meet trippy open-minded people. They are into sharing and good party supplies. And, we have a ton of fun with them, trust me!

If we go to a specific coast, we tend to meet folks dedicate to their city and the people in the city. I love their loyalty. And, sometimes, it is harder to find the kinky peeps on those trips. However, I always find them!

It is a given if I am on the trip with you, we are going to meet fun people open to being naughty with us. People ready for some crazy vacation sex with this smokin’ hot diva! Of course, after a night with me, they can’t get enough.

Similarly, it can be hard to say goodbye to some of them.

At the same time, they end up being life long friends with me. Hell, they come to visit me at home or go on trips with me in the future! And, don’t go assuming I am only meeting sexy men either.

I get lucky with tons of sexy chicks along the way too. Additionally, they end up bringing along their partners. I am telling you, they are drawn to my sexual energy. We have so much fun, it is eye-opening for them.

I find that super cool that I am inspiring others to branch out of their box and have fun. Life should be fun. Many of them start their own traditions and have crazy vacation sex when they travel too.

One lady loves it so much is traveling full time now!

Of course, she has the money to do that. Hahaha. I say if it works for you, do it! I hear from her as she is going all over the world. Oh, yea, she isn’t just traveling in the United States, she is going worldwide!

She is in beast mode and I love the pictures she is sending me! Hot stuff! I have seen some of the biggest dicks and tightest pussies on my vacations. God, they were fun to fuck too! Of course, if you want those dirty details, you have to call me!

I promise you will have a blast with this hot Phone Sex Operator!