My Crazy Sex Stories May Have Gone Too Far – Part I

Crazy sex stories are the name of my game, but they’re not JUST stories. As you’ll soon find out! As my callers, and blog readers know, recently I began to try and open up and reveal my sexual prowess to my straight laced preacher husband last week before we fell off to sleep. We began to cuddle, and I broached the subject of why our sex life had basically fallen off the map.

Then without actually admitting my sexual sinful ways over the past year. I told him it was my fantasy to go down on a beautiful woman’s pussy. To have her grab the back of my head while she came all over my face. Also, I told him, I wanted to dress slutty. Then to be picked up off the side of the road. Of course, just be beast fucked by any random guy or guys. Finally, I told him how it got my pussy soaking wet to imagine him jerking off in the corner, while I got slam fucked by a big young black stud.

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All of these fantasy revelations, with out admitting to him, I had actually committed these acts of adultery over the past year, turned my preacher husband on more than I have seen him in awhile, and we fucked like the animals in heat we use to be. My dilemma now, is that I may have pushed my sexual deviance a little too far. As you know from reading my past several stories, I have been fucking a young teen black boy Darnell.

The son of a black couple, that recently began attending our church. From reading my stories, you know, I seduced him in one of the Sunday school classes, while my husband discussed scripture with his parents. Over the following weeks, he has come over to help with minor tasks, I used as an excuse to get him to my house so I could use his big beautiful black cock any way I imagined.

Recently, a little over a week ago, he called me and asked if I could bring him to ball practice at school. His mother was not home yet, and he was going to be late if he did not leave soon. I was not doing anything, and the school is just a few miles from our house, so I said, sure I would have n problem bringing him to practice. I told him, I would drive over, and pick him up.

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I was wearing some little cotton shorts, with no underwear, and a little summer top. You see, I did not plan to do anything but bring Darnell to practice, and come back home, so I did not think to change. I drove over to his house, which was just a few houses down from ours. Then, I honked to let him know I was there. He comes out the front door dressed in his practice shorts, and shirt, which really enhanced his muscular physique. Just looking at him began to get the inside of my cotton shorts wet from my pussy juices.

Which had started to flow. He got into my car and thanked me for bringing him to practice. I replied, it was no problem, I was glad to do it. As we drove down the road, he asked, would it be alright if we stopped and picked up one of his friends to the way to the school? His friend did not have transportation to practice, and his mother usually picked him up on the way. I said sure. He tells me where to turn, and I notice, he keeps adjusting his shorts. It is very obvious he has a hard on. To be continued, more of my crazy sex stories to cum! Perhaps you’re into cheating sex stories?

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