Dear Diary: Jacking Off My Father In Law At The Dinner Table

There I was at dinner, with the whole family and I found myself jacking off my husband’s father, right there at the table. It was me right there snug as a bug in between my husband and his father. My mother in law to the right of her husband and so on. I was sitting there minding my own business and eating my salad, when I felt a touch on my leg. It made me jump slightly, but I liked it at the same time. I look to my left and my husband didn’t even glance my way.

Then, I looked to my right and my father in law was looking right into my eyes, with a shit eatin grin on his face. I didn’t say a word and neither did he. My salad was beginning to wilt and I decided to ignore the touch and get back to eating. About two bites in, I felt another touch only this time it was JUST below my now aching pussy. That first touch sent a naughty shiver down my spine and caused my pussy to leak.

My father-in-laws second touch drove me right over the edge and I couldn’t help but get more aroused. I knew it was wrong seeing as though he is my husbands father and especially because my husband was sitting right there next to me, but God dammit I couldn’t help it. I needed something naughty and exciting. My husband certainly wasn’t in a rush to excite me. Still without uttering one single word, I kept eating my salad. His hand moved closer and closer to my wet pussy.

I could feel that panty puddin collect in my panties, as I secretly wished he’d just go for it and make me cum right then and there. Wouldn’t you know it that sexy old man still had it in those strong fingers. Right there, under the table-cloth and through my dress he made me cum so hard I almost choked. I tried to keep my composure as my sweet father in law gave me the best orgasm I’d had in a day or two. Right then, my husband looked at me, put his arm around my shoulder and asked if I was alright. “I am just fine darlin, I was just choking on some wine!” He chuckled and told me to be careful.

After the coast was clear, I knew that it was my turn to giveth to him as he giveth onto me. I was more than happy to accommodate. That’s when I looked around and by then everyone was enjoying their fish n chips (it’s my mother in laws specialty). Then, I reached over under the table-cloth and nudged his cock. My goal was to coax him to unzip his zipper quietly, so that I start jacking off that monstrous cock. Oh yes, my father in law is significantly bigger, than his pastor son. His cock is thick, veiny and very long. All I wanted in that moment was to wrap my pretty little hands around him and to start jacking off the object of my lustful ways.

Once his trousers were unzipped, I very slowly reached over to pull his cock out. Much to my surprise not only was his pants unzipped and his cock was already out, but it was standing at FULL attention. I about creamed in my panties once again. So like I said in the beginning, there I was sitting at the dinner table with my family and I began to slowly and discreetly stroke my father in law.

I could feel his hips move up towards my hand. I could see the tension in his face build up. He was waiting for that hot cum to ooze out of him. Just then…..well I can’t reveal it all to you, can I darlin? Do you want to hear about how my father in law came in my hand? I mean of course he did and of course you do, but don’t you want to know what I did with it? Don’t you want to know about what happened as he was cumming?