If you like crazy sex stories then keep reading for some forced sex between men.

I have always had a fetish with men having sex with other men so here is a crazy sex stories where this is going to happen. There is this local coffee shop I go to and they are a little ma and pa type place. I would notice this attractive guy looking at me sitting in the corner with his paper trying to be incognito.

I noticed what he was drinking so I ordered one and my favorite caramel drink. So I walked up to his table and noticed he has these piercing blue eyes. I put both drinks down, put my hand out and introduced myself. He was apprehensive, but, I could tell he was appreciative for the drink.

He told me his name and we talked for what seemed like hours. I wrote my number on a napkin and slid it his way. I walked off and I honestly wasn’t sure if he was ever going to call me. Sitting in my car, the phone rang and to my surprise it was him.

I told him to come over later, we hung up and I waited. A couple hours later my doorbell rang and I went and answered it. It was him standing about 6’5”, black hair, piercing blue eyes, nice chiseled features. I walked him to my bedroom. I had one of my friends waiting there, he is a twink. No hair on his body, thin with a little tone to his body.

I told coffee shop boy to get on my bed and open his legs.

I had my friend go up behind him and start massaging his ass. Mike who is from the shop said stop that he isn’t in to that and I said shut up you are going to suck a cock and take one. He was scared, I tied his hands up. My friend went around to his mouth and put his dick in it. I told him not to bite, my friend was sliding his dick in and out of his mouth.

I wanted to see him take it in the ass but apparently it felt so good that he jizzed all over in Mike’s mouth. Mike was trying to spit it out, I went over and held his mouth closed and said swallow. I know you are going to love come eating.

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