Crazy sex stories about my ex are too good to not share. When he and I dated things were great!

Crazy sex stories with him always seem to involve some kind of kink out of the norm. Most couples like to spice things up with a new toy, maybe talk dirty in bed or call up one of those phone sex chat lines like Phone Sex Kingdom.

Not Ben though. We had hot sex all the time, I felt like we didn’t need to spice things up. I started to get this hint though one day that he was cheating on me. Just something changed. He was watching a lot of lesbian porn and talking about how hot this new girl at work was.

I’m not the jealous type but wtf? You don’t talk about how hot some other bitch is to your girl. That right there breeds insecurity! I had driven past his house several times one last night and saw a green SUV parked in his driveway. Jesus Christ, I was pissed!

For days I ignored his calls, I wouldn’t speak to him because I was so angry. After a long day at work, I got home and decided to work out. The music was blaring and I didn’t hear Ben walk in and sit down on the sofa. Still no clue anyone was even there, the new girl from his office was with him. Her name was Angela, she was 5’8 with medium tits, blond hair, and a generous bush of pubic hair between her legs.

When I finally had a sense someone was in my home. I muted the music with my back to them and asked why Ben had come over. I told him I knew about his dirty secret.

“Baby, she wasn’t a dirty secret. She’s here for you.” He said.

Slowly I turned about and saw Angela laying back on the floor with her legs spread wide open. Crazy sex stories always include a blonde, am I right? Anyway, Angela was looking at me with pure seduction in her eyes. She definitely wanted me. The whole thing took me by surprise.

Wanna find out if I went through with having sex with her? Find out next week! In the meantime enjoy my blog about college sex stories!

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