I love to get wild and crazy as much as the next naughty girl. Truth is, I have lots of crazy sex stories, very hard to believe I have gotten to experience so much. Most of them are fun, but sometimes I run into a person more freaky than me, and trust me, that takes a lot of freaky! One such instance was with Brandon.

Brandon and I met through friends. We were always seeing each other at parties and events. One night he called me up and asked me to dinner. He is very handsome and quite successful. I figured we could have a lot of fun without any pressures or drama. Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It turned out Brandon had a long line of “tough” relationships. He was such a great guy on the surface. Intelligent, handsome, and strong, he came with a great list of attributes. I thought we could still have fun. I am very laid back and believe in letting go of the past so that I have a great present. Usually, the guys I hang out with get into the flow with me in this area.

I knew Brandon had been through tough relationships.

We started with dinners and fun dates. Going to movies, the park, lots of light dates. At first, we were just fooling around. I would invite him in after the dates, he would come in, and we would fool around but he would leave before it got too heated. I figured he was “old” school and thought he was courting me. Deciding to let it go, for now, we kept doing what we were doing.

If you have read my blogs, or seen my page, you know I am all about free love and lots of it! I am very sexual and rarely do I “date” or do the “old” school dating process. If I like you, we hang out, literally and do lots of naughty, nasty things together. It is a win-win situation, with lots and lots of sex!

As we headed into a full month of our current situation, I knew I had to approach Brandon to get things moving. We were going out for dinner. After dinner, we were walking the canal downtown and I opened the topic. Brandon said he was trying to be respectful, that he really felt a connection with me. Oh lord, he was going to fall in love.

Falling in love is not on the table with Frankie!

As we walked, I explained that we were just supposed to be lighthearted dating and good times. He looked so shocked like no one had offered him that. Then he told me that was the case. He had always gone into serious dating with each girl he had been with. It was my turn to be shocked. Brandon had never gotten to just play the field and be a slut. That was about to change.

He couldn’t get us home fast enough after our conversation. As we were walking to my door, his hands were all over me. I had released a new man inside Brandon. We got inside, and he pushed me to the floor to my knees and whipped out his cock! Wow, what a different guy he had become. I hungrily took that big dick in my mouth and went to work sucking it.

As I was sucking his cock, he began to moan so loudly. Within just a few minutes he came so hard, the jiz was running out of my mouth. I couldn’t swallow it all. After he came, he pulled me up and started ripping my clothes off. It was like he was a madman. Had he been holding in his sexual frustration and I gave him permission to release it? OMG, he was wild like an animal, would this become one of the forced sex stories?

I was shocked and happy too.

Now, we’re talking, he was going to ravage me and fuck my brains out. I was so excited to see he was truly horny and fuck-ready. We were heading to the bedroom and he started to growl. Wait, what?! He was growling like a wild animal and lurching like a werewolf. He was freaking me out. We got to the bedroom and he tore his own clothes off.

He turned to me and started sniffing me. From the top of my head down to my feet, sniffing me like a dog. Now, most people would have run but to be honest, his cock was huge. The determination was driving me, so I would get to fuck him. I had given weeks to this “dating” crap, so I was going to get the goods.

We started kissing and now he was grunting, but they were low-key. He was very good with his hands and tongue. Oh my gosh, he was so good with his tongue. As he was eating my pussy, I was grinding against his tongue in pure pleasure. I came so hard I squirted on his face. He howled with excitement. Jesus, he was one strange guy.

This topped my strange sex experiences!

Then he flipped me over and prepared to mount me. He literally was in like dog mode, mounting me with that huge dick. It was so big and felt so good. We went at it for hours and hours. It was the weirdest sex I have ever experienced; however, it gave me new experience for GILF phone sex. I swear he groomed himself after we were done, and that was our last “date”!

crazy sex stories