Long before I was married, I played the field. I was very open with everyone I saw, didn’t want any misunderstandings. I had a lot of fun dating so many different types of people. Lots of varied personality types, some good, some bad. Hence the forced sex stories I will be sharing with you. Once such guy was a hot head. His name was Jack and he was crazy by the end, crazy in love.

He and I met at a party. At first, we had so much fun together. He knew the deal, that we were not in a committed relationship and that I wanted to continue to see other people. As time went on, we did spend a lot of time together. We stayed at each other’s homes and did trips together. This caused mixed signals for him and he was angry a lot with me.

Jack’s anger came out during sex and lead to forced sex stories.

One night we were on a date. We went to a ball game and had a blast. After the game, we went to a little pub with friends and hung out until late. We were drinking heavily and had to get a cab ride home. Once we got home, Jack’s attitude did an about-face. He was really agitated and grumpy. We went about our business getting ready for bed.

I was putting on my pajamas and Jack grabbed my arms roughly. He ripped my nightgown and threw it on the floor. I stood there looking at him like he had flipped his noodle and asked him what he was doing. He told me he loved me and would not share me anymore. “That isn’t how it works with me Jack,” I said. Shaking his head, he came at me. Out of nowhere, he had scarves ready. This evening would lead to experiences used for GILF phone sex.

He forced me to the bed, face down, and tied my arms to the bedposts. At this point, I was begging him to calm down and talk to me. Looking at me with wild eyes, he told me he was past talking, it was time for action. Then he tied my ankles to footboard. What the hell had I gotten myself into?!

Jack was so angry his skin was glowing red!

After he stripped down, he stood at the side of the bed. He told me I was his and he could do as he wished with me. I begged him to untie me and let me be with him like we normally were, but to no avail, I stayed tied up.

His dick was rock hard and standing at attention. I could turn my head a little to the side but not really see what was going on. Feeling the bed move slightly as he climbed onto it. I felt him between my legs. I asked him one more time to release me. He did not speak a word.

Then without warning, searing pain as he rammed his big dick into my ass. It was as if he was possessed. He was fucking my ass and panting like a wild animal. I never thought he could be like that, but he was a different person at that point. He proceeded to rape my ass until he came. The load was huge and filled my ass to the brim.

After he came, he left me tied to the bed and he slept in the second bedroom. In the morning, he untied me and walked out of my house. I never heard from him again. So long crazy man and thanks for the forced sex story!

Of course, this set me onto a whole new way. I was now turned on and excited to try this new style of sex with other partners. I was hooked. Here is a blog on forced bi phone sex you can check out.

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