Crazy Sex Stories Tricks get treated:

I have so many crazy sex stories. Halloween being my favorite holiday, always brings out the FREAK in me! I love dressing up extra slutty!!! Cute sexy costumes, smooth stockings for my long legs, Super high stripper heels, and plunging necklines!

Halloween also, makes me think of past freaky fucks I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of!

Halloween has always led to some really crazy sex stories for me. I wonder what story this Halloween will leave me, telling?

I remember one Halloween, I got all dressed up as little red *ride- me* hood, and my “friend” Jared went as the big bad wolf. We met some of our friends at this “Haunting of Hell House” attraction, my friend Shell being the busty blonde she is going as goldilocks, and her boyfriend Will was papa bear. It was awesome!!! ( I LOVE scary stuff!!!)

So we start going thru it, We explore the bottom floor first, there’s a dark room, with saints candles and an Ouija board, we all gathered around it, and it spelled out over and over ” GET OUT” we laughed and marveled over how they git it to work and made our way upstairs.

Hands were grabbing our ankles, and pulling at Shell and I. We were squealing and jumping, and the guys thought it was a RIOT.

Shell leans up and whispers ” Anna, I didn’t know we would be walking with people under us, I didn’t wear panties” I smiled, ” I didn’t either Shell, guess they are the ones getting treated!” We both laughed.

As soon as Shell and I  stopped laughing, we looked and there he was! This Giant of a creature looked 8 foot tall, bright flaming red hair, and a big Jacked up grin… an EVIL CLOWN! I was terrified.

With my long legs, I ran through the rest of the house, leaving my friends behind, and ended up outside. It was soooo dark, and I didn’t know which way to go to get back to the car. Fighting with my urges I decided to wait by this little shack for them to come out. While I was sitting there, this character with a pig mask on from the nose up, came out from the house. I was thinking of how to fuck up this could be, I’d never thought this wild night would turn into one of my most crazy sex stories!

He walked up to me, never said a word… and just stared. He had on those bib coveralls all covered in blood, and held a chainsaw, with no blade.

“hey, do you know how long it takes to go thru there?” I asked.


” Hey! Where the FUCK are my Friends?”

again, nothin’…

I watched him as He walked into the little shack, he left the door open.
My body didn’t move. This Piggy ASSHOLE poked his pig head back out and motioned for me to come in. For a minute wondering if he would hurt me, and then I came to my senses to my self: ” Anna, this is all for fun, just people in costume, for god sake, your fucking red ride-me hood, go see what he wants, hell, he may have some beer, besides it chilly”

I followed a piggy man into the shack when I walked in the door closed behind me. I barely got into the room before Piggy man grabbed my hood and pulled it over my head. Pig Fuck threw me over his shoulder.

In the shack, there was a mattress on the floor, Pigman laid me down on it, and straddled my stomach. He untied my hood and unbuttoned my shirt. I was fighting against him, trying to break free. ” Where the fuck were my friends?!?!?”

Wanna know more about my crazy sex stories? Wanna know what happened between me and the piggy man? Be on the lookout for Crazy Sex Stories This Trick got Tricked and treated on Halloween Part 2.


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