Crazy Sex Stories How this trick got tricked and treated part 2

Crazy Sex Stories- How this trick got TRICKED and TREATED Part 1 

Read part one so you don’t miss out on one Crazy, Sexy detail!

Here is the continuance of one of my crazy sex stories, now you can see how I got TRICKED and TREATED…

When I left you before I was wondering where my friends were, and piggy fuck was just staring at me… silent. Then he finally spoke and talked me into going into the shack… and here is what happened.

His hand cupped my tit, and with the other hand, he covered my mouth. He squeezed my tits, one then the other. I stared at him, there was something so familiar…

” Hush, Anna.. it will all be over soon,” Said the pig-faced asshole. I SCREAMED into his hand, closed my eyes, and began to cry.
The pig, kissed me, I pursed my lips turning my head, he kissed down my neck. Then he started biting. HARD.

“Pleassssse. let me go” I begged him. He kissed down my chest, paying special attention to each nipple, I felt myself letting go, giving in. He was so rough, yet gentle at the same time… like he knew what I liked. He moved down between my legs, shoving his knees almost under my ass while holding both my wrists in one of his huge hands. Then, the familiar sound of a fly being unzipped.

I could see his lips, he bit them as he pushed his cock into my slit, once he was deep in.

I stopped fighting, the pleasure was too immense. He mounted me, and fucked me so hard, both of his hands now held my wrists. I moaned and tried to keep myself from cumming, biting my own lips hard, and looking away from him. I couldn’t help it, my sex was taking over… my body had to cum.

While my cream flooded his cock, he pumped faster. I noticed his rhythm quickened and his thrusts were harder, he was close. He pumped and pumped me, over and over before returning the flood of cream back into my pussy.
He stopped. All was calm, except his breathing, it was erratic.

THEN. I realized I could move my arms… I reached up and yanked the mask off.

” Goddammit, Jared!!!” His shoulders hunkered down, and he bounced then entire bed with his laughter. Anger filled me. Then Goldilocks jumped out of the other room onto the bed with me.
” Happy Halloween Anna Banana”

*grins* I love my friends!

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They TRICKED me, But I’ll treat YOU
This Halloween

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