Family Sex Stories

Family Sex Stories, naughty right? Well, My family always was close, *grin* So here’s just a bit to feed that family sex stories need of yours…

I Love Horror Shit!, Who Doesn’t?!?! If you are offended easily, you have never TALKED TO ME (omg, why not?..grab the phone quick)

So here is a bit of fucked up deranged fuckery for you to enjoy!

Halloween always brings out the freak in me. In fact, it has always brought out the FREAK in my entire family, well my entire family except for my mother who spent countless hours at church. Halloween was an abomination. It was “Full of The DEVIL”.

… The Devil?

Throughout my teenage days and even when I was one of those slutty college girls I always managed to put my costume together so it could be sexy and fucking terrifying at the same time. The first time I had to pick my own costume, I decided to be a murdered schoolgirl (dead in a Ditch style) I remember tearing up an old flannel of my dads to make a schoolgirl skirt, Hair in piggies, Black contacts, and some super fucked up make up with vaseline and black cherry kool-aid!

My costume was considered executed properly if mother cried. I said ” It’s Just for Halloween” I’d tell her. She still cried. I didn’t care much for candy, I just wanted to show off my too-short skirt, ripped shirt. The worst thing is my Brother was always up my ass, and even though I never told him where I was, he would always find me.

So on this particular Halloween, I was going to Kate’s. Kate was my exact opposite, but she was cool and her parents didn’t care if we drank. I mean we couldn’t get the night going without her, after all, she was the one with the Ouija board.

What did she say??

She and I had Planned on a saint, none of this blessed be, fairy tale, good witch/bad witch bullshit. I mean the real mother fucking deal. I fell in love with the board immediately. The eye was captivating… almost beckoning me to touch it. I felt goose-flesh crawl all over my barely covered body.

She set the board in place.

My Body Hummed.

“Now Take 2 fingers…” She said wide-eyed.

“Only 2?” I purred.

“Cmon Anna” she bitched.

Our 4 fingers sat on the edges of the eye, and she started saying some really powerful shit. It had to be powerful because the eye started to move.

I squealed until she hushed me.

“Bad Girls Get It” the board spelled out.

Again we asked it a million questions

“Bad Girls Get It”

Bad Girls GET IT

“This thing is fucking broken”

I said sharply, very disappointed.

I ran out of the woods, leaving Kate to her own Demise. Kate Scrambled and squealed trying to catch up but I was too fast for her.

Then, walking beside an old rickety fence, I saw this old farm-house and it had one light on. I walk up to Trick or Treat, and I’m snatched inside!

Suddenly I cant see and I’m Bent in half and someone is trying to push their fucking cock into me. I scream and it’s so muffled. I can hear Kate calling for me outside, she’s so fucking close yet so far away. I’m trying to fight, but I just can’t break free.

The Person Holding me down has now forced himself against me, and he spits all over my snatch and shoves his cock deep and hard. I let out a scream and I heard it echoing all around me. This unwanted fuckstick is now pumping fast and hard, and bottoms out so hard into my teen pussy, that I Screamed again!!! this time it was loud enough to wake the dead.

My scream must have been enough to send this fuck wad over the edge. His grip tightened as he held onto the remains of my schoolgirl skirt. Gripping tightly, until he pulled out and nutted all over my back and ass.

Then this SKEEZE shoves me out the door with panties between my knees.

I ran from there.

I ran from there the entire way home.

When I walked in and saw that my older brother was sitting on the sofa. “Glad your home Anna, Have fun?” I scowled.

Johnny started laughing hysterically and teasingly said

” I told you, Anna… Bad Girls Get it… now go get that cum off your back, SLUT!”

Family sex stories are HOT!!!! You know you have either thought about it, or you have done it! We all fucking have! So why shy away?

You can be my pervert Brother, my “Do me fuckin Hard” Daddy, or whatever you want!




Happy Halloween

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