So many crazy sex stories came from this wild vacation I’ll never forget!

Crazy sex stories!  I’ve done so much wild shit in my life that I really never expected to do, and fucking my masseuse on vacation was definitely one of them.  To be fair though, I guess it’s something we should have expected at an adult’s only exclusive resort.  I promised you adult sex stories, what I didn’t expect what the large, beautiful oiled and muscular black men that came into the private room of the spa to give us our massages.

First of all, let me say that I have never in my life had the luxury of a massage, so I was really going all out when I ordered this for myself and my boy.  We had spent the whole day fucking in our room – all over our room – and really needed to rub our sore muscles.  My boyfriend’s look of surprise at seeing these large black men with their thick bulges in their all white uniforms was something I’ll never forget.  It was a mixture of shock and a little embarrassment that he felt his cock twitch with anticipation.

They got down to work, thoroughly oiling my body.  I was naked of course, being worked from my shoulders, all the way to my sides.  I didn’t realize how sensual it would be, but I was moaning a little from all the pleasure.  The masseuse immediately caught on, and moved his thick hands up and inside my thighs, fingering my slit and asshole from the back.

I moaned louder, and turned to see my boyfriend on his side, watching this happen and stroking his own cock while his masseuse grew hard.

You know exactly what happened next!  I was flipped over on the massage table only to be face-to-face with a big, black cock and wasted no time pulling it into my mouth and all the way back to my throat.  My spit dribbled onto his balls that I wanted to empty so badly.  While I was sucking him off, the other masseuse came and lifted my hips and started driving his cock deep inside of me.  I could barely moan with my mouth filled with a delicious member.

The best part was: my boyfriend got into it, too!  He dutifully sucked cum out of my pussy while getting his asshole stretched and fucking.  I LOVED it!  I’d never really thought about including my boyfriend full time into cuckold phone sex, but was glad he fulfilled his duties with his favorite phone sex operator.  He’s a lucky boy!

It’s your turn!  I’ll have more crazy sex stories to share later in this week, but until then, it’s your duty to call me and have explosive phone sex at Naomi’s adult’s only exxxclusive resort.  Give me a call, let’s make it hotter than the beach.

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