I wonder what sort of adult sex stories will be made on my week-long vacation…

Sometimes I wonder how far adult sex stories can go, but then daddy booked me a celebratory summer vacation at an adults only resort!  I’m about to leave, so don’t fret if you don’t see me for a week; I am getting into more fun than you could ever imagine!

So tell me, what should I do first?  Take a naughty massage with a big, black cock, feeling it rub against my oiled and freshly tanned skin?  Or should I take prompt advantage of the nude beach, where I can flaunt my big tits and search for equally suited cocks to invite up to my suite later?

The resort itself holds that it has a famous playroom… should I find myself tied up on a St. Andrew’s Cross?  Whipped and gagged and bound by my ankles?  I would love to find myself a little sissy boy to peg in front of my girlfriends.  I’d love to have someone to dress up and go dance with us, make them feel really, really special.  

That’s why we go, right?  For pure, unadulterated fun and pleasure to fulfill our wildest, no limits fantasies?  I don’t do what I do as anything other as an extension of myself, the kinky little daddy’s girl who wants nothing more than to hear your intense ecstasy at speaking with a real sex goddess.

Phone sex is the purest form of sex therapy, in that I function as your own vacation from yourself and your boring life.  It doesn’t have to be taboo — fuck the taboo.  Escape to fantasy sex stories with me when I get back on July 16, for the most a mindblowing orgasm with a freshly sunned hot bitch like myself.

Teen Phone Sex!