Kelsey’s Crazy sex stories

My brother just made the list for crazy sex stories. When I say my brother I mean my loser panty boy brother. Its really not hard to believe it was just a week or two ago I was fucking his ass with a strap on. I guess now he’s ready for the real thing because I just caught my brother sucking my ex boyfriends cock. He didn’t have my permission had he forgotten I owned him. I had just came home from shopping and I had picked up a new outfit just for him but when I went into his room I found on his knees with a mouth full of cock. My ex boyfriends fully erect cock was inside my brother’s throat. I shut the door behind me as his pathetic excuses poured out his mouth.

The I tripped and my mouth landed on his cock excuse doesn’t work for me. Its time for brother to admit he’s a cock sucking whore and I was going to force it out him. I left the room but I came back with a little leash to hook onto a collar I use for disobedient slaves. Its time to reveal his true colors to someone other than me. I saw the humiliation in his eyes as he confessed he was panty boy and that I was his mistress. He confessed his desire to be dressed in panties and lingerie while getting fucked by a strap on. Of course my ex boyfriend isn’t much better he was just getting his dick sucked by a man. Now I have something on both of them and I want them to continue their pleasure in front of me.

It only took a blackmail threat before they both caved. I yanked by his leash and led him to my ex boyfriends cock. His mouth opened wide and I fed him just the tip of that cock. When I dangled that meat in front of him it teased him. I’d give him a little taste and watch him crave for the whole thing. I let him devour that cock after confessing he was a closet fagot. Our night doesn’t end there but you’ll just have to wait or call my sex hotline. I love those bi sexual phone sex calls. Lets get together and create our own crazy sex stories or explore your secret forced bi sexual fantasies. Its amazing what you can do when you put your mouth to it.

Kinky Kelsey