Crazy Sex Stories: The Sexy Blonde Stripper With Gorgeous Tits

Crazy sex stories that are written by callers never fail to arouse me! So thank you Erik for another one of your kinky sex stories!

It had been a long couple of weeks for me. Things at home and at work hadn’t gone my way and it was beginning to wear on me. I decided to take a day off to spend some time doing stuff I enjoy. So I drove around looking for something that might cheer me up. As I cruised the streets of town, I rediscovered a strip club I used to visit often. Why not, I thought to myself, it would be fun to see what’s new. After all, that’s where a lot of my past crazy sex stories and adventures had taken place.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkened room. A gorgeous blonde in a short plaid mini skirt, stockings, and a white button up shirt tied just under her tits greeted me. The shirt was otherwise unfastened and revealed her big, bulging tits.

She introduced herself as Carmen and led me to the bar, where I bought us drinks and we began chatting. Unknowing that I had a lipstick fetish, she reapplied some lipstick and turned her lips a glossy red. A bulge in my pants began to form. Her cue came to get on stage, so she spun out of her chair and walked towards the stage, ripping her shirt off. Her ass bounced the skirt up nicely, revealing the black thong she was wearing. I moved over to sit by the stage to get a closer look at her. She began dancing to the first song, unfastening her bra and slipping her skirt off, revealing a tiny little black g-string. Then she grabbed the stripper pole and with perfect grace she began spinning around and lifting herself off the ground.

At this moment, I knew I would have to get a private room with Carmen.

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