My New Year Resolutions For 2018: Indulging in Your Kinkiest Fetishes

Fetishes – we all have so many! And this year, my New Year resolutions are to fulfill ALL of your kinkiest, dirtiest, naughtiest and most provocative fetishes and fantasies! Read on!

I. I will not cheat on you…when you’re not around.

Baby, I know how much you enjoy watching me suck and fuck those big black cocks. Or walk in on me and my dad, sister, or brother fucking or having forced sex. I admit I’ve been a bad girl and don’t always fulfill your amateur cuckold fantasies. Sometimes I just can’t wait until you get home so I start playing when you’re not around. Or some other times, I just enjoy going out and then coming back with a nice dripping cunt full of cum for you to clean up.

Whether you like watching, fluffing, or eating leftovers, I promise I’ll do my best to keep your puny needs in mind. Then again, maybe I won’t.

II. I’ll be meaner to you…

Oh, don’t get me wrong – laughing at your raisin dick is extremely entertaining! But telling you to stroke your clitty as I feast on a row of cocks and cunts can get tiring. So how about you help me out on this one? If you stay quiet and stop whining, I’ll cum over your way once I’ve gorged enough on dicks and pussies and let you stick that tiny weenie of yours between my beautiful tits. You’ll have to let me know when it’s in there though, because there’s no fucking way I’ll be able to tell!

III. …or I’ll be sweeter.

Or maybe what you’re really craving is a nice sweet girl to come home to. Someone who’ll listen and understand your every need and someone who’ll make all of your problems disappear. And take care your every intellectual, emotional and (of course!) sexual needs. What are your fantasies and unfulfilled fetishes for 2018? Maybe you’re craving some kinky naughty time with the babysitter? Or a wild threesome (or nth-some) perhaps? This is what being a good girlfriend is all about…. listening and going out of my way to MAKE ALL OF YOUR FETISHES CUM TRUE!

Whether you crave incest phone sex, cuckold phone sex, GFE phone sex or ANY OTHER KIND of phone porn, I solemnly swear to make you my king in the upcoming year!!!

Carmen: 1-888-413-5974