No one will believe the crazy sex stories you tell after (read: IF) you escape from my sex cult.

You think those girls coming forward with crazy sex stories about R. Kelly’s sex cult are wild? Ha! That’s nothing compared to what you’d be subjected to under my cult Mistress/leader rule.

My ideal sex cult = a female supremacy separatist-type lifestyle. All men are only useful/kept alive for breeding and servitude. Imagine your domination phonesex femdom wet dream: an Amazonian goddess cult you are bound to serve. And by “bound” I mean “enslaved,” of course!!

Abducting young girls and brainwashing them with (more than usual) patriarchal crap is predictable at best. Wouldn’t you rather be degraded and (ab)used by a ruthless squad of “Feminazis”? You would, bitch. You WOULD (and you WILL) do whatever we say . . . because that’s the founding principle of my dream sex cult.

Your slavery is the best sex therapy either gender could possibly imagine, you know. Don’t forget you have about 2000 (plus) years of male-dominated bullshit to make up for!! Better get a move on and bend over, you worthless male slime. Your days of being in charge are OVER.

However, your days of being assigned the drudgery of unappreciated reproductive labor are just beginning! You’ll be in charge of laundry, child-rearing, cooking and cleaning. Oh, and you’ll ALSO be responsible for whatever other task(s) the other women and I deign to bestow up you, worm. Are you grateful yet? You should be!

Those male specimens unable to adjust to life in our female supremacy sex cult will be punished, of course. Not every offense is punishable by death, but multiple offenders to The Sacred Feminine are guaranteed a prolonged, painful death.

Just shut up and do your chores already you CFNM-crazed fucker, ok?!?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke