CFNM = clothed female, naked male. And it’s your secret fantasy of being dominated by a demure-seeming woman.

I think part of the appeal of CFNM as a fantasy scenario for men is the idea of a “nice girl” with an extra layer dominating them. The layer where the woman (or women) have clothes and where you do not.

You know, demure and sweet. Men teach women to believe a “proper” woman is a nice wholesome “good girl.”

Being exposed, watched while doing perverted things, and/or ridiculed by a “normal” girl appeals to your perverted exhibitionism just that much more. Doesn’t it? Because it appeals to me.

A professional dominatrix watching/forcing you to eat shit is one thing. To have your scat fetish audience include vanilla, propriety-infused proper lady adds a layer of horror and genuine disgust you crave desperately.

Therefore, it makes sense that for me the appeal of CFNM is the reversal of power. The reversal of power requires that YOU are bare, naked, and vulnerable while I am fully clothed. It kind of puts a little dent in that tired old patriarchal hierarchy, doesn’t it? Of course, it’ll be fun to switch things up.

There’s a reason all my clothes don’t come off if I’m just casually fucking someone. And it has to do with power and control.

All sex is a power play. So, I just want to play with you on my terms.

I love combining prisoner/captive fetish phone sex with CFNM scenes. If you didn’t feel disempowered enough locked in that cage (as if there WAS such a thing as disempowering you “enough”), stripping you cum-pletely adds the perfect finishing (and utterly emasculating) touch.

What CFNM situation will we find/I put you into during our call? A medical examination? A striptease? Will you be the nude model for my figure drawing class gone awry? So, let’s put our kinky heads together and cum up with a nasty role play.

So then, are you ready to take off all your clothes while I play nice girl turned much less innocent? Good. You know what to do. Pick up your phone, I’m right here waiting for your call. And maybe if you’re lucky I’ll let you eat my blood pussy!