My Crazy Sex Stories May Have Gone Too Far – Part II

My crazy sex stories are continued here! We get to the friend’s house, and he says, I will run in and get him, it will only take a second. I asked Darnell, do you think it would be alright if I went in and used their restroom real quick? The inside crotch area was now soaked from my pussy juice, and I wanted to get some tissue paper to act as a barrier between the cloth and my skin, it was irritating.

Darnell said sure, it would be no problem. We went to the front door, and Darnell just opened the door and walked in yelling Mark, I am here let’s go. From a hall way to the left comes a huge black boy very muscular, and about 6 foot 3 I would guess. He also was dressed in practice shorts, and shirt showing off his muscular body tone. Darnell said this is Ms. Hanna, my neighbor, and the preacher’s wife I was telling you and the guys about. I had walked towards the middle of the living room away from the front door, when what Darnell said next shocked the hell out of me.

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He said, “This little white slut can suck the hell out of a big black dick, and swallow every drop of cum”. I looked at him with amazement, that he would say such a thing to a virtual stranger, and I began to blush. Mark, then said, “Do you think, she can suck this big black cock”, as he drops his shorts. This guy has a huge dick hanging semi erect at least 9 inches long, and really big around. Then Darnell out of character, as I have known him said, “Let’s see if this white slut can suck your big black cock.” He pushed me back towards a couch, where the backward motion had me fall back to where I landed sitting on the couch.

Then Mark steps in front of me with his huge cock in my face. Darnell says, “Show him how much you love sucking black cock, Hanna.” I was still in shock, at what was happening. When I went to speak, he just shoved his cock in my mouth. It was stretching the sides of my mouth apart. Then, he grabs the back of my head and shoves his dick to the back of my throat gagging me. He was holding his dick in my mouth as far as it would go. He held my head down on his cock for at least 10 seconds before letting me up to breathe.

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I look over at Darnell, and he is totally naked. He is stroking his cock saying look how wet the crotch area of her shorts are. Her pussy is soaking wet. I know Ms. Hanna, she can not wait to fuck and suck these big black cocks. Then he steps closer with his cock just inches from my face. I am looking at two huge black cocks attached to two hot muscular young black studs. Darnell then asks, ” You want this black cock don’t you”, as he massages the side of my face. At this point, I lose control, and say, “YES, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME,” like the black cock whore I am.

Then Mark shoves his cock in my mouth. Then, he starts fucking the back of my throat like he is fucking my pussy. Darnell tells Mark to get back, and then he takes the back edge of the coach. Next, he spins it around and bends me over the back of the couch. Mark steps forward with one foot on the seat of the couch close enough to my face so he could fuck my mouth. Darnell gets behind me pulling my shorts to the side and just shoves his cock deep into my pussy. Then he says, “That is what you really want isn’t it”, as he slowly works his cock in and out of my pussy.

I scream out, “YES PLEASE FUCK ME”

His cock out and begins pounding my pussy like a mad man. Then Mark starts really fucking my mouth, but I love every inch of his big black cock. Then Darnell buries his cock as deep as it will go, and he holds it there yelling.” I’M CUMMMMING”, and he fills my pussy with more cum than I have ever felt. A few seconds later Mark holds the back of my head and shoves his cock balls deep down my throat, and I feel his cum gushing into my mouth. He just holds the back of my head forcing me to swallow every drop. Then Darnell says ” hurry, and put your clothes back on man.

We are going to be late for practice. While I am still bent over the couch in a daze, from what just happened. My dilemma is, I am now four days late. My period should have started four days ago. I’m scared to go to the local drug store and buy a pregnancy test kit. It may reveal the end of my marriage. You see, I may be pregnant with my young black lover’s child. I will be forced to confess my adulterous ways to my straight-laced preacher husband. These crazy sex stories and more, like cheating sex stories can be found right here!

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